Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday at Sea World

Finally figured out a combo for this skirt. I bought this skirt a while back and thought it was a great purchase. Except never figured out what to wear it with and every combo I put together was just mediocre. Plus it is now 2 sizes too big so I pinched the waist in the back with a safety pin! This combo is not that great either but at least I am getting to wear the skirt. It is also a bit dressy for sea world but since it was a confortable outfit it didn't matter. Simple tank top and sandals make it down to earth. Added brown belt and necklace to bring some interest.

Even though I have a few more summer outfits on the list, I am getting really excited about fall combo's I have already started gathering. I love browsing the Sept issues of the fashion magazines and getting inspired for combo's I can put together with the stuff in my closet. I am definitely going to need to purchase a pair of rugged flat lace up boots for sure. They would be perfect with leggings, skinny jeans and under dresses over tights.

Skirt - Anthropologie
Tank Top - Alloy (Catalog)
Belt - Limited
Sandals - Charles David
Necklace - Betsey Johnson

Today's Activities: Had a rough night last night. My daughter started fussing around 2:30 AM. Made the huge mistake of bringing her to our bed by 4 AM since she wasn't settling down and we were wide awake listenning to her. But, it was worse in our bed and she didn't sleep until 5:30 AM. Finally put her back in her bed and she crashed so we got a total of 2 more hours of sleep. It was exhausting. Got ready in a daze and made it to Sea World with my sister.  Kids had a good time but after couple hours my daughter was done after her rough night. After a family nap we made the most of sunny and warm afternoons and swam in our pool than played at home. 

At Sea World in front of the outside penguin exhibition with my daughter and in front of Shamu pool with my son...

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