Friday, August 27, 2010

Tie Tee

Giving this funky tie tee one more turn in my outfit combo list. I felt it was somewhat long enough to wear on top of leggings. Due to the design it has to be pulled all the way down so it has to be topped something skinny and form fitting, hence leggings seemed like a good choice. I tried them on with peep toe lace up boots but it felt too black with the pants so went with these platform heels that have a hot pink stiching which goes great with the pink polka dots on the tie print. I acessorized with silver charm necklace worn as a bracelet, all black watch and a silver and pink heart ring. Of course these heels have no place in my mommy day so I wore my converses instead most of the time (see last photo)...

Vest and tie print tee set - from Turkey - Vena
Black leggings - H&M
Platform heels - Boutique 9 (TJ Maxx)
Silver charm necklace - Betsey Johnson
Black watch - from Turkey
silver ring - gift from Step Dad

Here is the outfit with converses:

Today's Activities: Another rough night with my daughter waking up before we event went to bed and no matter how strong I tried to stay I gave up after 1 hour and took her to our bed not much sleep. Had no set plans this morning so took our time getting ready. Did a quick run to the grocery store. This is my new thing now, we go to the store and I drive back home but do not get the kids out of the car and rush in the food and quickly throw the perishables in the fridge and go. With some snack cups I can accomplish this unloading with no crying and under 5-8 minutes. We then went to the indoor play club. Kids had a great time there as I downed two cups of jasmine iced tea. Then and this is creative planning on my part, took our packed lunch I made in the morning to the car shop. After a super complicated schedule of having my paretnts come twice to get my car diagnosed to discover it needs a part replaced that will take 20 minutes decided  to just bite the bullet and go there with the kids. They actually did fine since they had food and the car was done just when we finished so it was perfect. Came home for naps. I turbo cooked and even set the table for our dinner party tonight.  When they woke up it was still warm so we swam in the pool again which is always such a fun actvity for them. Then we hosted another mommy and her two kids for a playdate. They left when our dinner guests arrived. Hectic but a productive day.


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  2. Love the shoes, even though they are not mommy friendly.


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