Friday, November 12, 2010

Bronze on Black

This whole outfit was created so I can wear black tights with my very old bronze wedges. The inspiration came from the anthropologie catalog photo below:
I really liked this look. I realize as my sister pointed out my bronze wedges are not really the same style but I think it still works. I hadn't worn these guys forever so it is great to re-use them again:

This fuschia top is also very old. I wore this even during early to mid pregnancy as it has a babydoll style cut. Now tucked in, it still works. Since it has this beaded neckline I couldn't wear any necklace though.

I belted the jacket when it got chilly:

This old bronze purse of mine was a great match to this outfit:

Here are the cuffs:

Everything I wore today is pretty old...
Grey Pencil Skirt - Forever 21
Animal Print jacket - Forever 21
Fuschia top - Alloy's or Delia's can't remember
Black tights - TJ Maxx
Bronze Wedges - Guess
Bronze purse - Hype
Cuffs - Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe

Today's Activities: Leasurely day today with  no real plans. Spent most of the morning at home playing with the kids. Suggested we go to the park but they said they wanted lunch instead. So we went to a pizza place as their first customer I am sure at 11 AM for lunch. They loved sitting at a big table just us and chatting and eating. Sometimes they are amazing in a restaurant and sometimes horrifying. You never know. Afterwards we got the stroller out and walked to a nearby home store for some gift searching for my dad from the kids. Of course ended up buying some gifts and clothes for the kids as well. When we got back home it was only noon. So had them play a bit more before naps. They both napped and so did I for a little bit at least. We then invited Grandma (my mom) over for a mini tea party. I had baked banana nut bread and made herbal tea for the kids (black for me). We then got ready and left with my husband to meet the family to celebrate my dad's birthday over dinner and games at Dave and Buster's.

Here is my daughter posing just like me when I was doing my photo shoot:

Here we are with my dad at the restaurant (my brother, sister-in-law and son were playing video games when we took the photo) Check out how much I look like my dad and my daughter looks like hers:


  1. Hi Daphne,great outfit as usual.You made a good job of pairing the shoes and tights!

  2. I love the fushia blouse...I really like how you have it peek out of the jacket too!

  3. What a cute family photo!
    I love the bronze shoes with the black tights - it really makes them pop!


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