Thursday, November 11, 2010

The cape comeback

I created this outfit just so I can wear my very very old cape/pancho (not sure what you would call it) again. This item is so old that it was retired to my daughter's closet hoping it would be in style and worn again.

These linen pants are almost bootcut so to fold them into this length and not have them look odd I had to fold on the sides as well us the cuffs. I did this cause I really wanted the mustard tights to show for that pop of interest to the outfit. Although it does a look a bit like 'witch' feet doesn't it? I am not sure... The fact that both my daughter and another toddler in music class tried to grab my legs like they were a toy was also not a good sign.

Here is what I wore underneath. The temp is so odd now. It starts off super cold in the mornings than warms up by 15-20 degrees. So, layers is not a fashion statement it is a necessity. On my outfit list I just had the pancho and the pants so had to come up with the layering top on the fly. This is a debut of this sheer top I got last month. Normally I wouldn't have bought such a top but now I looked at it as a great layering piece.

I see beads might be in upcoming season from the peek of spring looks that are starting to appear in new issues of the fashion magazines. Which is great cause I have many unique ones from Turkey that will look great stacked up. Here I stacked the set of 3 my friend made for me with the double evil eye one I had acquired in Turkey a while back.  The ring is also from Turkey and a hand me down from my Grandmother. I absolutely love big raised rings.

Pancho - Max Studio (old)
Sheer Blouse - H&M (new)
Green Tank top - Eddie Bauer (old) 
Green Linen pants - H&M (old)
Mustard tights - Charlotte Russe (new)
Black Booties - Steve Madden (old)
Bracelets, necklace and Ring - hand made and vintage

Today's Activities: It was nice to have a leisurely morning since our swim class is not until 10:30 AM. After swim class we took the kids to McDonalds with a play structure with my friend again. In the aftenroon we went to their music class. After dinner at home I went out with my girlfriend for a glass of wine and saw the movie 'Due Date'. It was hilarious.

Here is my son posing with his arms open like me...

And here is my daughter posing like me by leanning on the wall (garage door in this case)...


  1. Goooo cape!! Love it with those tights:)

    Great look!

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  2. How cute! They are little models! :)

    Great cape! I love how you paired it with the mustard tights. It looks like a soft interpretation of the military trend with the olive pants and booties.

    You also have some super awesome jewelry :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment ^^

    I love how the mustard tights add a pop of color to this Fall outfit :) The oxford heels look very cute and I'm sure they're comfortable, especially for chasing around your toddlers :p

  4. i like this outfit a lot. looks very cozy but super stylish!


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