Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bazaar Dress

You are going to see a lot of versions of this outfit with tiny differences. The inspiration came from the following: 

The colors are totally different obviously, but what inspired me was wearing a crop blazer with this style of a dress. I had bought this dress at a farmer's market in Turkey for $15. I actually got it for another inspiration which I have not worn yet. So, when I saw this photo it was a great second outfit with the same dress.

This first version is with the peep toe lace up high heel booties.

This vintage looking charm necklace was perfect.
Once again proves navy (tights) and black (boots) looks great together.

2nd variation is with a beret added to the outfit. The tone of the beret and the dress are a pretty good match... 

Added a sage green top which has a tulle neck trim underneath to add some warmth as it was too chilly in the afternoon. Took the photo without a jacket just to show the dress but all day I had the jacket on. This dress is very comfy as it has no zippers or ties you have to undo. Just pulls on and off since it has elastic under the chest... 

3rd variation is with rugged brown boots instead of the heeled ones. I wore the outfit with these boots all day since I was with kids in the morning and went on a 3 hour shopping trip with mom and sister in the afternoon and needed comfy flats.  

I think it looks cool with these boots too.

Which variation do you like the best?

Blush Dress - from Turkey
Navy Crop Jacket - Forever 21
Navy tights - not sure
Vintage look charm necklace - Betsey Johnson
Pink Beret - Forever 21
Blak Peep toe high heel boots - Juicy Couture
Brown Lace-up Rugged flat Boots - Steve Madden

Monday's Activities: I actually tried to post this last night but was having some google issues with my browser and could not upload photos. And lets face it without photos it is hard to do a fashion blog post. So wore this yesterday thinking the 'sunny' forecast would equate warmer weather but it never warmed up. Hence the addition of the hat and the undershirt. Preschool was cool with the kids. I had grand plans of getting so much stuff done during naps but only got the dinner cooked and that was about it. After they woke up managed to put away the laundry and clean-up. Never got to the bills. My dad came by so he can take over the kids until my husband came and I took off with my mom to go to a more remote mall to meet my sister. The hype? It has the largest Forver 21 store in the city. You probably don't know but pretty much every mall in San Diego is an outdoor mall. So naturally mom and I had packed big winter coats but we realized the mall we were going was indoor so ditched the coats which was nice. If you can beleive it we only got to 3 stores in 3 hours. Forever 21 was nice. Every brand (Heritage, Love etc...) had their own section. It was roomy and very (very) bright. I made sure we approached the store systemmatically so we didn't miss a section. I of course did spend my $100 gift certificate from my in-laws. But, I was good and bought mostly bottoms that will be worn all seasons and mostly spring/summer. The H&M store was also a very nice one. Bought the cutest blouse with the prettiest colors for spring. Bought a few other pieces that I have to think about. Might return some. Also stopped by Charlotte Russe but it was a tiny one in this mall and not so good.
That was it. Came home after the mall was closed.


  1. I love the look of a blazer with a girly dress! Very chic. Can't wait to see what you bought! They just expanded the F21 at my mall and it's the size of the first floor of Macys!! It's pretty dangerous for me - especially since the mall is 1 block away!!

  2. That dress looks super comfy. I like the last outfit best of all.

  3. Very chic! Love that you got it at a flea market in Turkey. What a pretty color so fresh,soft and chic.

  4. love, love it all. love the jacket, the dress, the shoes the jewelry! this is a winner!!!

  5. I love, love, love this look! The dress is gorgeous and the blazer just makes it! Total homerun!!


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