Friday, January 14, 2011

Over The Knee

Before I forget I want to comment on my Brazilian blowout. I LOVE it. This whole week I was able to just wash my hair without having to do anything else to it. No blowdry, no flat iron, no roller, nothing. Just wash, air dry and some product and that is it. I am not saying it looks amazing but at least it does not look like a frizz bomb. This is such a gift to me in my busy crazy life.
So, back to the outfit...
The inspiration for this outfit came from the following Chictopia post, cause it reminded me of the mustard sweater top I have and the shawl.

So when I put on this outfit and took my photos it all seemed normal to me. I mean I see this look (OTK socks under shorts) all over other blogs, chictopia, store websites and various fashion magazines. So, it felt ordinary to me. But, I guess in San Diego not so much. That might explain the overly friendly attention I got from the male store clerks I encountered and lots of looks from people on the street. But, hold on could that also be due to the fact that I was not toting two little ones, a colossal double stroller, an overfilled diaper bag and a scooby do lunch bag. It is a toss.  

This mustard top although very cool in color and fabric is actually quite hard to wear. The fact that it is sweater knit material and t-neck makes it hard to wear in warm weather and the short sleeves are hard to wear in cold weather. But, today's weather was just warm enough in December for it to be enough.

I just got this necklace from H&M the other night when I went shopping with my mom and sister. I love the beads are oversized and the tiny rose print on it is so versatile. I bought it to wear with this mint and schiffon top I have but it also looked cool with this today.  I had found these OTK socks by the registers in F21 a few months ago. They had no tag so they just guessed $5 and I snacthed them.  Of course they do not stay OTK when you walk which is annoying. Nothing I buy for OTK seems to stay OTK for me. The booties are at least a few years old.

Since the beads are resind decided to go with resin bangles. The thin ones came in a set and I got the thick cuff to go with a white one for summer. I think they look good stacked together. Also my camera kicks butt in close-up when I can actually focus myself.

Here is the handstouth shawl. Can you beleive this is the first time I am wearing this? I bought it I think close to 10 years ago. It seemed super cool but I never could figure out what to wear it with. I know now I will find many other combinations in years to come.

I realize now the shorts are pretty short. I had these for years now and usually wear them over tights.
Weird thing is I didn't feel self conscious at all today. That is because I didn't meet up with any other mommy. I have no qualms about wearing sexy clothes in public and with my husband, family or my girlfriends. I am also used to now standing out in any mommy group gathering with my 'different' outfits and I don't mind. But, if my outfit stands out because it is a bit sexy than I feel very self concious with other mommies.  Today's outfit would have definitely qualified if I was in any playdate setting.

Top, shorts, bracelets and socks - Forever 21
Leather braided belt - Deliah's catalog
Shawl - Newport News Catalog
Booties - Steve Madden
Necklace - H&M

Today's Activities: It was somewhat of a free day for me cause my mom and stepdad helped out by entertainning the kids pretty much all day. They came right when I got both kids fed and dressed and lunches packed. Since they were all ready and I was still in PJs they went ahead of me so I could get dressed in peace for once. I met them at the mall where my son insisted we visit the disney store. I had him all conditioned that we will not be purchasing anything but of course my parents couldn't resist and got him a $50 'cars' set! Keep in mind until today the kid has never played with cars before. So it was actually nice to see him get excited about cars like every other boy his age. I was able to return a few items back to H&M and F21 from the other night and of course it ended up more being an exchange as the stores in this mall had my size on some of the things I was looking for. Then the kids started fussing so I bought couple things without trying them on. We brought them back home for naps which was very short, just enough for me to cook dinner.  When they woke up I tried on the items I got and realized they are no good so we went to my mom's house and I dropped them off and drove back to the mall to do a return once again! Picked them up after visiting for a while and having tea with my mom. Then found out my Dad was very sick so came home to drop off the kids with my husband and took portion of what I cooked plus the chicken soup I made last night and drove to my dad's (which happens to be right near my mom's). Since I rushed to get him the food on time I didn't change and of course dad had no shortage of comments on my outfit. It started with 'what is this outfit?', continued to 'it is kind of sexy', 'you look like you are 18', 'are you going to a club?', 'where are you going tonight?', 'Aren't you cold?' and finally 'YOU WORE THIS DURING THE DAY?' all in a good humored laughing tone of course.
So, a day filled with lots of driving but I am not complainning since I had all that help.


  1. Love all these :)


    I follow you, if you follow me.

  2. You look hot!!! So lucky you can get away with shorts this time of year - so jealous. :)

    I'm with you on the playdate dress code - sometimes I take it down a notch when I go to mommy events not because I feel self conscious but because everyone else is extremely dressed down so I think it makes me seem unapproachable. So I compromise with well fitting jeans, a nice top and killer shoes. :)

  3. You look great! I could never wear OTK socks with shorts, but it looks so good on you. Love it!

  4. OMG! Your legs are AMAZING! Seriously...they remind me of my legs...when I was 16! You are one lucky lady. love the look too.
    loved your look from yesterday too with the white blazer and red bow/blouse thing hanging out. love.

  5. İ saw you this day and you did look very hot great look with OTK socks and the shawl! Your father should have been used to this kind of dressing from me when we were together!!Plus you have hşs legs nice and lean İ bet he liked it ...


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