Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eclectic Maxi Skirt

Today's outfit is going to be once again a double challange outfit.

1. The "Summer Trends" challenge presented by Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki. Today's trend is 'eclectic' I realize this is not that eclectic but it is going to have to do cause I really wanted to wear the outfit.


2. Also part of the Bloggers Do It Better event presented by Pretty Shiny Sparkly...This time around it was 'Maxi Skirt'...

I bought this dress 2 years ago after giving birth to my daughter for our trip to Turkey. I wore it almost everyday during summer in Turkey. It was just one of those super comfy dresses that also worked perfectly for breastfeeding. Wore it so much that my step dad got so tired of it and teased me all the time. This morning when they stopped at the park to see the kids he saw it and asked if I was going to wear it all the time again?

And the outfit was inspired by this lovely Chictopia Post:
 When I saw this I immediately remembered my super old and worn a lot blue maxi dress and that I could wear it as a skirt with these unexpected colors and knot the skirt!

 I love this idea of knotting the skirt. It actually makes it easier to walk in and shows off these super chunky wedges!

 I realize adding a spagetthi strap silk top over a halter cut dress did not work quite well but I did the best I could cause I really liked the pastel pin, with bright blue and safari green combo!

 Added chunky pearls to give the effect of the inspiration photo.
The chunky wedges!

So for the water side park preschool class I had to de-wedge and de-pearl!
 I kind of like this look too especially with the bone colored sunglasses...

Left just this soft pearly bib necklace though...

These ballet slipper soft peep toe sandals are from H&M. They are so cute.

By the way I was going to wear this top as a vest since the sleeves zip off but it was too chilly in the morning so left them on... This is the shirt from my safari collection. You know when we went on a real safari to Africa (Kenya) back in 2004. I love that I get to wear them to normal life.
Shirt Jacket - Eddie Bauer
Silk Camisole - Express
Dress, bracelet, sunglasses - Forever 21
Wedges - Marshall's
Flats - H&M
Bib necklace - Charlotte Russe
Pearls - gifts from husband
Belt - Betsey Johnson from TJ Maxx

 To see other bloggers in their Maxi Skirt outfits at BDIB please click HERE!

Today's Activities: Preschool park class today at a park very close to our house right by our house. It was super chilly and windy almost all morning so it was easy keeping the kids on the park/grass side. Then the last hour it got sunny and the kid discovered the bay across the boardwalk! Of course most of us were so not prepared for them to get wet so we had to make to by stripping them in their underwear using jackets as towels afterwards to dry them off and share sunblock to spray the parts we didn't think would be exposed. Not our best desired scenario but it makes us happy to see the kids enjoy each other and summer play.

My son  with some of his favorite buddies...

Running in his whitey undies!

Having a blast!
I was happy my daughter was busy playing with bubbles by the class and never saw this. It would have been really though with her in this scenario...

During naps I cooked dinner. I have been cutting and collecting easy and healthy recipes from all sorts of magazines. But never used them. The other day I totally organized my cook book shelves and got all these summer past recipes together so I can cook them in the upcoming weeks. Today's recipe looked great. Made with white beans, broccoli, pasta and feta. To make it a complete meal I added cut up turkey too.

This one was from Glamour's October 2009 issue!

We had plans to exercise with my friend tonight but she realized she had a hair cut appointment so probably will be going to the indoor play area and coming back home for dinner...


  1. What a cool idea to knot the skirt! It looks great! I never stop learning new stuff from you. :)

  2. Great look! Today's unofficial theme has become maxi. So many people went for maxi dresses and skirts - so I think you're right on trend.

  3. Love the knotting of the maxi dress. And the colors you put together are fantastic. Oh and your bib necklace is GORGEOUS!

  4. Just stumbled on your blog! Eeek, I've gotta say that you are one styling mom! I loveee this look. You did a great job being inspired by that outfit. Looove the knotted maxi - it's really intriguing and interesting. I love it!

    Your kids are too adorable! I have great memories of being young and swimming with my family!

  5. what a beautiful outfit. Love how you used that blue with pale pink. Gorgeous skirt! WANT your ballet slippers and your pearl bib necklace!

  6. Love the idea of tie-ing a know to the maxi skirt, it looks soo effortlessly chic! I'd love to see how others were inspired to do their maxis! Thanks for sharing! - Mar

  7. you really got the inspiration right, this has a lot of styles and layers...I also love talking about food! and seems everyone are enjoying the water under this hot summer with the kids, they are so fun to watch, aren't they?=)

  8. Love the knotted skirt! Great idea!

    And time playing in the sea! There really is nothing better fun for the kids!

    Tasty looking dinner too! Thanks for sharing so much in your post!:)

    Found you through Boost your blog Friday !!
    I’m following you now, and hope you’ll stop by and visit our blog sometime too!

  9. Love that you knotted the skirt it looks great! I think you have created quite an eclectic outfit :)

  10. Original skirt, but your wedges are to die for!

  11. Cool looks - and I don't know which pair of shoes I like better:-)

  12. Following from friday blog hop=)
    hope you will come check us out

  13. Love Beth Jones's style. Love your maxi, and I, too like knotting the bottom for a different look. :)

    Have a lovely weekend.


  14. Great inspiration- you got that outfit down with almost every detail. Looks great on you! Those photos of your kids playing are really precious too!


  15. oh wow love the maxi skirt!
    great style!!

    check out my blog.


  16. it sort of fits eclectic with the mix of textures? i love the idea of layering the top over the dress. sometimes the best fun happens spontaneously! we do this often and sometimes after swimming, mom will drop the kids off to me in their undies cause all their clothes are wet!


  17. Wow! You did a great job off your B. Jones inspiration! I love the knotted skirt look!

  18. Love the way you knotted this skirt in the front! It adds a whole other dimension to the look and let's you show off your great heels! Lovely. - Katy

  19. Such a great outfit you did an amazing job getting inspiration from B jones. Beautiful maxi!

  20. I love this outfit ! great to put these colors together, and your necklaces are so great !

  21. nice color I love your shoes !!

  22. omigosh you are such a sexy mom! I love how you remixed the maxi dress with the cute jacket. And the shoes are adorable! Thanks for much for the post:)

  23. I absolutely love how you tied this up. Such a fresh take on a maxi!

  24. Hey I participated in the BDIB challenge too..

    love the way you knotted the skirt! this is one of my favorite ways to wear my maxis to change things up!

  25. Love every piece of this-from the inspiration to the actual outcome. Love that knot at the bottom-that's hot!


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