Saturday, July 16, 2011


 Today's outfit is participating in the 'Brights' trend of the "Summer Trends" challenge presented by Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki

The inspiration came from the following photo:
 You can see it was a rough inspiration of the orange, purple and pink combination...

I used my orange shorts, purple lace cami and the hot pink button up blouse as a jacket to re-create the combo... Each item is very old.

Wrapped around this super long wooden bead necklace as a bracelet for that tribal effect...

Aren't these cool earrings? ordered them from F21 for $4.80. They are gold with orange and navy bead and bright navy feathers!

Finally wearing those lizard print leather sandals with the straps they came with. Remember these are the ones I took to a shoe guy to get extra holes drilled but apparently not enough for the upper two straps. They were still very loose around my skinny calves. I managed to put them on and off by just un-doing the bottom two straps. But definitely not very kid friendly...

Shorts, camisole, sunglasses, earrings - Forever 21
Blouse - Express
Bracelet - from Turkey
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: It was my turn this saturday morning to take my son while my husband took my daughter. As promised I took the camera and took photos of my son at his hip hop class. It has been a struggle to get this class going. The company will only hold it if they have at least 3 students. Finally they got one more person and I got my friend so that made three but the other two did not come today so it was just my son again today. Apparently for his age group the one on one works to his disadvantage. It is susspose to be a 55 minute class but he can't focus for that long just by himself. He still did good though. I love that they are doing physical strength training as part of the class. I decided now every morning him and I (and probably my daughter) too can workout together doing 10 reps of sit-up, push-ups and lunges. I obviously can benefit from this.
After naps my dad and SIL and nephew came over for a swim at our pool. Those photos have not been downloaded yet. Then we went to dinner at my mom and step-dad's house where my sister and her bf came too. Fun filled day.
Here is my son learning pop the knee move:

The laps around the room for warm-up:




The Cross-over:

 The hip-hop walk:

My future dancer:


  1. good job with brights and I like your shorts..

    your son seems to be talented!:) I remember my children, they wouldn't cooperate at all when they were 4 years old! :P

  2. Aww your little boy at his hip hop class is adorable!!

    I love the bright color blocking that you did!

  3. Those pictures with your little boy are priceless!!! I love it!

  4. Hello
    I loved your blog its so gorgeous
    and I'd like to invite you to mine

  5. Oh my i love your outfit!
    thnx for following.
    i am following you now.


  6. Harika görünüyorsun! Renkler okadar güzel uymus, ve yakismiski sana, cok beyendim. Ve oglunun dans hareketlerine bayildim :-)) nekadar tatli, umarim cook basarili olur ilerisi icin, dans cok güzel birsey.

    'Soulmates Never Die'

  7. Hello Mommy!
    You pulled this outfit so well.
    You are one certified hot momma!

    I have been wanting Mr.Freddy to take some summer classes
    around here, but he's too young to join. Just like in swimming class, there's an age limit starts from 3+. Mr.Freddy is turning 3 this month.
    Your son seems like he likes dancing. Btw, how old is he?

  8. Thank you Daphne,
    it´s not photoshop (honestly I have no clue about it :s)
    It´s an option from my camera, you can chose one colour which is visible and the rest is black and white ;)
    I love this option and like to play with it a lot ;))

  9. I LOVE this post! What a gorgeous outfit with fantastic detail. I want that button necklace-turned-bracelet! And how cute is your workout! Happy I found your blog. Very clever.
    Dressology HQ

  10. wow you've mastered colour blocking darl! Love your sandals soooo much!
    Come follow my blog hun :)

  11. You pull off those bright colors really well!

  12. WOW,WOW,WOW,your sandals are to die for!!!I want them!

  13. hey,

    lOVE your blog. dfeiantly following you :)

    follow me if you like on...


  14. nice job with the brights...i especially like these two colors together...the kind of high intensity colors that kinda blur the lines???!! are these the sandals that are detachable from the leg part? love the look and the feather earrings, of course!


  15. Gorgeous, love the color mix! You look amazing!


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