Sunday, August 28, 2011

Best Blog Award and Movies in the Park

I want to thank the lovely LV from Food Fashion and Flow blog has given me the 
'Best Blog Award
on her Tuesday, August 9th post.
LV who is a fellow fashion mommy blogger is bold, strong,beautiful and full of life.
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7 Thoughts of Randomness

1. I love plants and flowers but do not enjoy taking care of them.
2. I can never fall a sleep with the TV on. Actually with any noise. I need to wear ear plugs.
3. I like the smell of gasoline!
4. I am a planner and an organizer (to the extereme)
5. Although I love shopping I hate shopping for technology items like phone, laptop, camera and even a car. Takes too long, too much stress and a whole adjusting learning period.
6. I love change from doing different things, to learning news things to even re-arranging furniture.
7. I honestly can't think of something right now and it is very late! :)

We stayed home in the morning and swam in our pool. By nap time my dad came over to take the kids and we went to an all adult pool party at my friend's house. It was mostly her golfing group  so we didn't know anybody and they didn't know us. It was cute cause at some point they referred to my husband as 'are you Daphne's "friend"?' We had a nice time though. It was great just to swim without having to frantically watch kids and I also got to flip through at least one of the thick fall issues that have been piling up. We bought pizza on the way home and had dinner together.

Here are some Photos from our fun family outing to the Movies in the Park last night...
5 families including us got settled with our blankets and chairs and everyone brought a dish to share for a potluck picnic dinner. we also had  variety of alcohol to make it more fun for the adults...

 They blew up a huge movie screen. And played music until it got dark enough for the movie to start...

 Kids were obsessed with the baseball field dirt. Look at my little tomboy princess. Wearing a tiara and a tutu and playing in dirt.
 Kids did a sac races....

 All the daddies lined up for a balloon between the knees race!

Then the kids...

My son was pretty good like his dad...

And finally when it got dark the movie started. Kids lasted through the whole movie 1.5 hour past their bedtime! Of course my kids still woke up early and were cranky the next day but oh well....


  1. very nice post .... i love ur pictures ... specially kids sac race ......

  2. love your random thoughts babe and except the flower one it matches to mine pretty much:)
    İ love all your pictures from the movie night cute cute cute! The sack race looks very funny ! İ am sure the kids enjoyed the late night we sometimes do it for Trevor only in our house! Great to hang out as families that you have so much in common to talk to. Hope to see you sometime soon maybe today? Love

  3. You would have to be exceptionally skilled in "planning and organizing" to create the incredible outfits you present here on a regular basis -- while running a household, raising kids, and doing the many other things you do. I'm constantly impressed at your ability to juggle so many balls and get things done.


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