Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Missoni for Target

 I am still in potty training prison...

I have been cutting ads out of magazines for the upcoming Missoni for Target collection and figured I could do a post showing some of my favorite items...

"Target’s largest limited-time designer collection to date, Missoni for Target reflects the Missoni values of family, color and quality. Offering a modern, fresh take on the late 1960s, an era during which the Missoni brand flourished into a global force in fashion, the collection features intertwining textures and patterns in a variety of bold colors such as purple, blue, black and coral."

1. The Cardigan - $49.99

I really like this cardigan with the light blue trim. I would pair it over a similar patterned dress I already have as well as over a black maxi skirt.

2. The Skirt - $39.99
They have many mini skirts in the collection. My favorite is this Striped Sweater Skirt though. It also matches the cardigan above and would look cool paired up. My mom by the way likes the cardigan in this photo.

3. The Velour Shorts - $24.99
How cool are these shorts. I am not sure if I would get them or not but I sure like them. The hoodie is cool as well.

4. The Jersey Bra - $19.99
This is another 'may be' item but looks super cool. It might be nice under a sheer or see thru tops.

5. The knit shorts ($39.99) and the 'Chiffon' Sweater ($44.99)
These are a 'may be' as well. I am not sure how this sweater is chiffon. These will be only available on the website though so no way of knowing until you order. Hmm....

6. The Swimsuit - $39.99 (online only)
I am really thinking about this one. Again a bit risky since won't be able to try in person and swim suits can be tricky. Also not sure if it is lined has any self bra or not etc... but I love the cut and the style and I really need a new simple 'mommy' swimsuit.

7. Blouse ($39.99) and Vest ($29.99)
I just love this floral blouse and the way it looks with the vest. Super cool. I love the whole look actually.

8. The Ballet Flats ($29.99)
These are adorable. And the price is great as well. They would look cute under so many different outfits and the the fact that they are flat will ensure I will get so much use out of them.

9. Silk Scarves $19.99 each
Ah, these are all so beautiful. I am leaning towards the zig zag striped one as that is the more classic missoni look. But if I wanted to pair them with any of the other missoni items one of the floral ones would be cooler. Touch decisions.

10. The Bag - $29.99
So these are I think all cosmetic bags actually but that biggest briefcase called the 'weekender' is my favorite and I am thinking could totally be used as a purse. No?

11. Satin Headband - $7.99
I love the idea of a satin headwrap. But if I get one of the silk scarves I can use it for that purpose.

12. The Baby Girl Outfit 
Initially I thought this would be so cute on my little girl and we would be matching but then I saw the prices of $29.99 for the top and $19.99 for the legging and no way I would spend $50 on an outfit she will grow out of in a season.

13. Towels
I really like the turquoise, black and brown zig zag pattern towels for my guest bathroom. The walls are turquoise blue and my sink console is warm brown wood so these would be so cool. At $10.99 for a hand towel they are not bad.

14. The Trays
I think one of these would make a great hostess gift to a dinner party or a xmas gift to a single girlfriend. Octagon Ceramic Platter $24.99, Rectangle Ceramic Tray $19.99, Melamine Serving Tray $19.99.

15. Martini Glasses
I just love these Martini glasses cause of their super thick stem. I already have a set so wouldn't get them but they are very cool and sturdy looking.

16. File Folders
Aren't these super cool. I could use them to store my magazine outfit pages.
6-pk. File Folders $4.99 each, Vertical File Sorter with File Folders $9.99 each.

17. Boxes
I am constantly looking for cute storage ideas. I was thinkig the blue one might be cool to again put all the outfit folders I keep on my dresser.
Sweater Box $14.99, Media Bin $7.99, Milk Crate $9.99

18. The Travel Bags
Ah, these are georgous. If I was working and traveling for work like I used to how cool would these be!? They would totally stand out among all the black bags and show personal style even with conservative suits. I would like to check out the tote dimentions to see how big it is.
Travel Tote $49.99, Twister Carry-On Luggage $169.99.

Well, that is it folks. I sure had a lot of favorites. There are so many more cool pieces in this collection. Maxi dresses, skirts, young girl clothes if you have an older daughter. Just amazing.

There are many sites that show the full look-book. Click here for one of them!
You can also click here for one with prices!

Mark your calendars for the release on September 13 through October 22 to shop the collection at Target stores and Pending availability, select pieces from the collection, including a variety of online-only items, will be available for an extended run through early December at Start making your lists now, I simply can’t wait!

I wonder if they would release all the items on day 1 or would it be a slow release? Do you guys know? What are your favorites and would you buy on-line or in store?
Would love to hear your thoughts.

Ok, back to my potty watching the little princess who is getting better at using the potty but only cause she is naked from waist down and we carry a potty to every room we go to. How she is going to do when she is clothed and she has to tell me I am not sure.


  1. Potty training prison! That is so funny :) I know exactly what you are going through!

    Cannot wait for the Missoni line at Target!


  2. wow awesome post .... i like these zigzag designs ....... love these dresses......

  3. I am so excited for this collection! i am loving the sweater vest and might go for that piece!

  4. Love the Missoni print!!!! I want everything with those zigzags!

  5. fabulosa coleccion! gracias! Stella

  6. i can't even tell you how excited i am about this collection! i'm all over those shorts! thanks for posting pictures!

    potty training is such hell, i know. not looking forward to potty training the 18 mo old. (BTW, you asked about my girls and they are 4 and 1-1/2).

  7. Haha Daphne, so funny, lol =D YES, it´s from F21 :D

    I love the Missoni shorts and pants sooo much!
    great post!

    Have a wonderful weekend ;)

  8. Great collection!! I would love to have the travel bags...


  9. I love missoni. I like this blog i´d like you check out mine.

  10. Bless you! Good luck with potty training.
    Love all the Missoni picks. I am secretly admiring Missoni shorts... Secretly because I could never wear shorts that short, but you definitely can!

  11. oh there are so many things i like, i can't mentioned them ALL done here! the bra is my favourite though haha! and the ballerina shoes are too cute!

    jos xx

  12. I'm definitely planning to get the silk scarves. The price is right and scarves are so versatile!

  13. Interesting collection for sure. I love scarves and flats for sure.
    And of course you could use biggest bad as a purse. i so would

  14. i'm dreading this...i want so many things, i just hope i can get them! i'm sure it will be insane online...never did try to go to the actual store on any of these releases. guess i better make my list!



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