Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Fur

 My Christmas outfit of course had some red in it!

The inspiration was from the Ann Taylor ad in a magazine:
 We even took a gift and had my husband pose like the photo! The whole family was watching this shoot and laughing and giving my hubby a hard time like 'where was his cardigan and scarf?'! :)
I actually love the pose though and will use it in my family album! It is also the very few photos I am actually in since I did most of the photo taking today...

These pants have been in my closet (actually the kids closet) for ages. Glad to be remixing them years later...

Since the weather warmed up unusually I took off the belt and the vest....

Sweater - Arden B
Vest - Kenar
Belt - Thrifted
Necklaces - Mom's
Pants, Booties - Forever 21

We had a great Christmas that started at 7 AM and lasted until 8 PM! Kids opened their santa presents first and we baked the apple french toast dish I had prepared the day before and ate that. Then they opened more presents from us and their grandparents and from some friends.
My daughter was so funny. She wanted to try on *every* single clothing she got as a gift and therefore in all the pictures she is wearing layers of random clothes!
When my parents came they opened theirs, then my sister and her fiance's etc....
We were all playing when my husband used the upstairs toilet and flushed and within seconds it started overflowing and water started gushing out. I ran downstairs to get towels and that is when we saw the water was pouring down from the living room speakers in the ceiling!
It was a total commotion and thank goodness the weather was nice so we could sit outside while we ran the very loud shop vac to dry it out!
At least the food all came out great and we had a very nice meal in peace and quiet while the kids napped. When my brother and SIL joined us we opened more presents and had dessert.

'Making mommy's hair like tangled'...

The red cowboy boots are so adorable from my mom and step dad

 The Flooding incident!

The table remained unharmed!

Pretty 'Tangled'

Kids with their baby cousin!



  1. çok hoş renkler, çok beğendim. Pantolonunun kesimi ve botların çok şık! Kürk yeleğin üzerine kullanmış olduğun kemer detayını da çok beğendim.

    Pijamalarınız da çok şirin, aile boyu ne güzel olmuş...

  2. ne güzel bir christmas geçirmişsiniz, küçük kızının kıyafeti ne şirin,maşallah

  3. İ loved your outfit and all your pictures with it especially the ones in front of my car and the one with Jon! The three kids pictures are adorable and it was a great Christmas day thanks to you babe. Hope we will all have a wonderful year in helth and happiness and together!!!

  4. oh my! sounds like quite an eventful day!

  5. E$inle olan resim çok tatli ^^

    Canim kollarin açik, havalar ilik galiba ? Biz burda ü$üyoruz ^^

    Her zamanki gibi çok $iksin ;)


  6. what a nice recreation of the picture! you look great! love the trousers!

  7. I am beyond in love with your vest. The fur isn't overdone. You look beautiful.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. you look 10 times better than that ad. i love the fur vest and the awesome pants.

  9. Your kids are so adorable! Those pants fit you so well - they should definitely be in regular rotation! :)

    The Suburb Experiment


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