Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Express Yourself

Today's outfit is not that original but I have been wanting to wear these new jewelry pieces from Forever 21 that totally rock!

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I am so glad I bought this rolling stones tank. It is such a nice base piece...

 Here is one of those pieces I was talking about. From the Alex & Chloe for Forever 21 collection...
 And the earrings...

 I really need to get new military boots. These are just starting to look sad!...

Ring - Thread Show
Studded leather cuff - Girl Props
Watch - Bulova
Sunglasses - House of Harlow
Boots - Steve Madden
Purse - 6951
REST - Forever 21

We went to a new and very fun place this morning with the kids. The place was called 'Art Soup' and it is a totally hands on art studio for kids. Their motto is about giving kids ultimate freedom in creativity and advises parents to stay back and not direct. We thought we followed the website advice and dressed the kids in old clothes but they had failed to mention not only their clothes but also their shoes and hair and face get covered in paint. And of course somehow us mommies got paint on us too but that was OK. I took off this jacket and put a sweatshirt inside out to protect my clothes. My jeans got paint on but I am sure it will come off.
My daughter LOVED the place. She was in heaven painting with her hands. Her face, arms, hair shoes everything was covered. We had to do a full bath and scrub when we got home.
So we decided this is where we will have her 3rd b-day party in couple of months. Should be a lot of fun.

 The oversized adult tees are provided by the place and they work much better than any smock in a place like this. They should also provide hats and nylon booties in my opinion.

They also get to make a small art to take home...as part of the open play price which was $10 a kid for 1.5 hours. For bday parties they allow each kid to make a huge wall art and a smaller art piece to take home...

Happy As Can Be!


  1. This post is so cool. First I love your studded blazer and I think the painting photos are amazing. You look great in that rock n roll shirt.


  2. Your look is so ROCK ! ^^ I love the blazer !

  3. Great chic biker outfit....I love the boots. They look worn and comfy:)

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  4. Love your studded blazer and earrings!


  5. Your daughter is gorgeous just like you. glad to see she had a great time. AND YOU LOOK HAUTE in that outfit. LOVING THE BLAZER

  6. In lovee =D !
    You all look greatttt

    Have a nice day,

  7. i can't believe that studded blazer is from F21. you might end up seeing it again on my blog because i think i just might buy it!

    you look like a fab rockstar!

  8. I love the biker look especially those earrings! F21 is the greatest!! The kids art soup place looks a fun and messy at the same time. Juliet will have fun at her birthday for sure:)

  9. rocking mama! i just don't know if i could take that paint mess, like to that extreme! is just hosing 'em down an option?

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