Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All in kikaPaprika

I decided to take the risk of dirtying my sample line and wore all kikaPaprika today!
So let me tell you a little about this wonderful company I started working with.
kikaPaprika was founded and run by a mother-daugther team since 2008. They are based in Laguna Beach, CA just a bit north of me. They have about 70 consultants across the country and looking to grow big time.

They are a socially responsible and eco friendly company that uses organic cottons and dyes and create the most amazing high quality clothes that are not only flattering but also comfortable for women of all sizes and age! All pieces are designed and manufactured in U.S.A.

I am proud to be working for a women owned company that is environmentally friendly and supports the economy  of the country I live in.

So, Today's Outfit:
 The spring/summer line has 12 custom colors. You can order majority of the pieces in the collection in any of these colors at no extra charge. These items were in my sample line in these colors so I made it a set.
I love the pencil skirt because it is form fitting yet night tight! The length was actually totally suitable without leggings but I was too cold this morning so added the leggings for warmth.

After trying on many different accessories I settled on the blue/silver vintage necklace from my mom's teenage years and the double tortoise cuff bracelets.

These black and tan animal print flats were a perfect match! And add a bit of pattern to the solid ensemble.

Got my hair re-colored last night! I am loving my stylist who is genius in this 'ombre' hair coloring!
You can also see the top I wore underneath has a straight front hem and a longer curved back hem. Such great details!

'Angie' Vest in Camel - $88
'Elyse' top in Black - $74
'Simone' pencil skirt in Camel - $58
Capri Leggings in black - $58
All pieces kikaPaprika
Accessories - cuffs Asos, Necklace vintage, shoes enzo

Check out their BLOG for great inspirations and outfits such as these:


  1. Great look! Love the jewelry

  2. Wow I love how you wear them together. looks very chick.
    The colors are sooooo beautiful and I can't decide which piece to buy in which color.I keep going back to camel because you can wear that with everything but I want them all:)I can't wait till I get my first purchase. When I look at the pictures I feel like I am in Santorini. It was a very fun party and we get to talk a lot of Turkish!

  3. Love this look and super love your hair! xo

  4. Love this look! And yay for made in the USA! Your hair looks amazing too!

  5. Nice! Love what you did to your hair!!


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