Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Put your heart into it

 I am so sorry I am behind with the new business things are just so busy right now...
This was my outfit today inspired by a photo on the cover of Anthropologie magazine in Dec 2011:
I love the combination of lace dress with the coat and heeled hikers...

Coat - Old Navy
Lace Dress - from Turkey
Tights, Hikers - Forever 21

We went to legoland yesterday and my hubby was off work so he came with. It was a great family time.
In the afternoon my parents took the kids and I conducted my first house party at my friend's house.
I was nervous at first but it went very smooth. You can never tell who is going to be all into it and who is not. The funny thing I packed everything and forgot to take out the pieces I had planned to wear. So I had to dress up at her house and therefore only took a couple quick photos...

And here I am at my first show:
Do check out the Kika Paprika blog for amazing outfit inspirations created using the pieces from Spring Summer collection!
 I wish my shoes were in it cause they had gone perfectly with this super cute jacket.
The jacket is called 'sophie'. It has an asymmetrical collar and looks great and feels amazing!
I paired it over their capri leggings.
 Kika Paprika 'Sophie' Jacket in Fuchsia ($130)


  1. i like the boots very much!!


  2. Those boots are so cute! Love the flipped over tongue and I'm in absolute love with that fuchsia blazer!! Did you find the satchel on Asos?



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