Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Oscar Goes To...

Why would a mother of 2 who is almost 40 wear short shorts with thigh high boots? Because she 'can'!
OK, so I wore this knowing I would only be seen my girlfriends in a house party but still. I got lots of comments from the girls in the lines of  'pretty women' on Hollywood blvd! :)
 If you think about it though I am actually showing very very little skin. The outfit is really just sweater, shorts and boots. But the fact that they are thigh high makes all the difference I guess...

 Sweater - Bebe
Tee - Stylemint
Shorts - Marshall's
Boots - Charlotte Russe
Belt - Forever 21

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SUNDAY: Went to a fun Oscar party at my friend's house. She went all out with the decorations and even laid out a red 'carpet' in front of her door for us!

My gorgeous mother posing in front of the poster one of the guests brought. She was at the make-up artists party last night in LA and got the poster there!

Winners of the game with the most right answers!


  1. What a fun party! Getting together with girlfriends is always a great time.

    You can rock the shorts and boots girl!

  2. I think there are a lot of fashion "rules and regs" regarding what is age appropriate, but like everything in fashion, it doesn't mean it's gonna last or stick around. you looked great. you have the confidence to wear the look... why not?! i think you could get away with the look in public as well if you wear some sheer black nylons with the shorts and boots. I do it all the time!

  3. those boots are killer...and u look real gud in them...and i think one can wear whatever one wishes to!!!!

  4. woo! those boots! bravo.

    that oscar party looked like a lot of fun. next year i want to host one!


  5. bacaklar gerçekten çok etkileyici!!
    tüm komplimanları haketmişsin tatlım, son derece fit ve hoş görünüyorsun, neden giymeyesin ki?? :)
    öpüyorum çok, sevgiler..

  6. Those are some boots!!!! :)

  7. Congratulations ! ♥ X 1000


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