Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you ever seen the rain?

 Yesterday's outfit! 
Even with this many layers it was still not warm enough for the chilly and drizzly weather.

Inspiration came from Bee from Atlantic Pacific:
I of course forgot to look at the photo before I got dressed. Belting the dress over the cardigan would have been great now that I notice that!

Trench Coat - Guess
Dress - Anthropologie
Cardigan, Tights, Socks - Forever 21
Boots - Henri Bendel
Necklace - Asos
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

We had a field trip to a puppet theater yesterday...It is hard on Tuesdays cause I have a work call at 9 AM which is when we have to drive to the outdoor class location. The kids do great in the car but once we get there it is very hard for me to hear what is going on and get them out etc... My friends help thank goodness but just not easy.
Once the show started I took over the kids since my friend had to stay out with her older one who refused to come in until halfway into the show...
It was also tiring because we are so used to being on the go all the time that the minute we pause and slow down it hits us how amazingly tired we are. And that happened during the puppet show to me. I couldn't stow yawning and was about the fall a sleep.
The kids seemed to like it though. The little ones didn't quite get the ancient dragon tales but my son was engaged.

In the afternoon during his 'quiet time' my son created as usual super cool structures with his legos. 
He calls this one the re-enactment of 'Lion King' his favorite movie:
 You can see the monkey ('Rafiki') holding the lion ('Simba') on top of 'pride rock'. And all the animals in groups watching down below! And there is 'zazu' on the tree.

And this was his 'dinosaur parade' stage:

My little creator:


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  2. Love the trench!


  3. Your outfit is gorgoeus! I love it! Rubber boots are perfect for rainy weather! And Atlantic-Pacific is one of my favorite bloggers!


  4. Very nice and gotta love Bee! Your necklace is amazing!


  5. i've so missed your blog! i'm finally getting into the groove again after a month of, well, newborn "bliss." haha. anyway, you look amazing and i love the idea of a floral dress with a trench and those adorable hunters!!!

  6. So cute with the boots and all and reminded me to wear my flowery Betsy Johnson dress!!! Trevor is a going to be some big inventor or an Architect or something we can not even imagine!!!:) My baby grandson is growing too quick and I am so fortunate to be so close to him.

  7. love the rainboots. it's been raining like crazy here, so i'm glad i've been able to actually make use of the hunters i bought! wish i had red ones! they look great with a trench!



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