Thursday, March 29, 2012

Everyday is a winding road

 Today's bohemian looking outfit was ensembled after I saw this inspiration photo in the Anthropologie catalog:
 I thought long and hard to figure out how I could re-create this look without owning a cardigan like this one. But figured if I combined by ikat print tank and scarf with this very very old maxi cardigan over flared chiffon pants it might work. Add the floppy hat in the blue collar and it totally worked! right?

For even more color I added the fun trimmed sunglasses I scored at the last Sassy Chicks event...

I love this hat but it is a bit big on me and the flaps don't stay up so it is not very practical to wear it out with the kids. 

 I have to say this outfit does not make me look slim but that is OK. I don't have to look slim everyday. I kind of like all the layers...

I don't think I have worn this maxi cardigan for at least 8 years!

Cardigan - Forever 21 (when it had a 'Reference' Branch!)
Tank, Scarf - also Forever 21
Hat, Pants - Asos
Sunglasses - Sassy Chicks Event
Boots - Madden Girl

It was a crazy crazy day. I don't think I sat down for one minute other than driving.
We started laundry and then left for a big costco shopping. Met my stepdad afterwards for a quick lunch and gave him the kids and came home to unload then quickly left to register my son for kindergarten. Such a big moment marking that my little boy is now growing up. Immediately bonded with every parent there feeling the same twinge in their heart as they sign up their kids for school. Then it was rush to the regular grocery store to buy the rest of the items on my list then come home to unload, cook, set the table and fold laundry. My husband went to pick up the kids and we hosted a big family dinner at our house.
I am now finally getting back to emails and work. Tomorrow is the easter egg hunt at preschool and although I bought the eggs I have not stuffed them yet. It is all a bit too much this week it seems.

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  1. I like how you manage to look like the catalog page without owning a cardigan like that but I don't know if I like the outfit, it definitely is not you! Congratulations on registering Trevor he has grown so quick! almost too quickly:) I am sure you had a successful dinner party and I am glad Neal could help to keep the kids. Way to much to do with them.


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