Sunday, March 25, 2012


 This was my outfit yesterday both for my nephew's 1st b-day party and a work event that followed that.

 This is another all 'Kika Paprika' outfit. The skirt has just arrived last week. It was the perfect fun and light hearted combo for the 1 year old b-day party.

Added my patent coral clutch and fun accessories...

Love the coral ikat print of this skirt...

I got these cute sunglasses at the Thread Show last time!

I could have changed into heels for the work event but I truly liked how these ankle cuff sandals looked better.

Top - 'Elyse' in black by Kika Paprika
Skirt - 'Mara' in coral ikat by Kika Paprika
Capri Leggings by Kika Paprika
Orange strapless top inside, ring - from Turkey
Clutch - Arden B
Bangles - Target
Sandals - Boutique 9

My nephew's party was so much fun. My SIL's entire family was almost there traveling from New Orleans.
And my family from my Dad's side were visiting from Turkey. My brother invited bunch of his poor single childless buddies to this kid party with absolutely no alcohol so it was interesting to watch their reaction.
My kids enjoyed all the family members that were there even though the place was the indoor place we go very often.

Here are some fun photos:
 My brother went all out with the Curious George Theme!

 The Happy 1 Year Old!

My son and I with my Grandmother and Aunt from my Dad's side visiting from Istanbul:

The kids dressed as Dr's:

Right after the party i sent the kids with my husband to home for naps and left for a work event myself. The event took quite a while since the guests came staggered but it was a great fun and successful party. My host and my friend were so helpful with styling and promoting and packing up.
Came home close to 9 PM quite tired I have to add...
And have been going to bed so late since the only time I have time to work is at nights! Goal tonight is midnight and not the usual past 1 AM!

With my friend and her friend who hosted the work event:
All wearing Kika Paprika of course!


  1. ayyy bayıldım canımm herşeyine
    çekilşime beklerimm

  2. I love this top to toe Kika outfit and this new skirt is so chick,young and colorful like the rest of the collection! it was a fun party indeed and love the kids in doctor outfits.Gwen is rocking in that Fushia top from Kika. Every piece looks great once it finds the body it was designed for. I am running out of funds trying to buy every piece and I have to stop:)

  3. This may be one of my favourite outfits of yours. That skirt is gorgeous, great print and colour. And the sandals are the best! Looks like you had a fun weekend. Enjoy your week Daphne! -xxoo

  4. Your pictures are great! I love this look, especially the clutch.


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