Monday, April 30, 2012

Vegas Baby

I am back!
We had a blast spending 2 nights and 2.5 days in Las Vegas with friends!
Didn't have that much time for too many outfit photos but plenty of fun action photos were taken for sure!

Friday Road:

Striped Tee - from Turkey
Boyfriend Jeans - Newport News
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Purse - 6951
Lizard skin sandals - Victoria's Secret

Friday was the girl's trip to Vegas. 4 of us took the flight from San Diego and the fun started immediately.  We checked-in to our hotel (Aria) and then decided to explore the hotel and the next hotel and have an early dinner at the Cosmopolitan hotel. And then of course visited the Walgreens to stock up on huge bottles of water, snacks and some drinks for the 'getting ready' portion of our night.

Heading to the airpot:

Crystal Mall between Aria and Cosmo:

This store was AMAZING! We loved pretty much every piece from dresses to jackets to necklace except prices who were quite high!

My 'Cuba libre' drink at dinner. It was just a simple rum and coke but they added a cinnamon stick and a slice of lemon and a perfect sphere of ice which melted very slowly. Smelled absolutely heavenly!

The weirdest thing ever! This kept freaking us out!

 The important shopping trip to Wallgreens:


I am not big on dresses as they leave very little room for creativity on crating the outfit but this one caught my eye with the huge front beading that looks like a 'tie'. 

Dress, Eearrings, Purse - Forever 21
Shoes - Betsey Johnson

Our initial plan was to go to the club at Cosmopolitan but realizing the long walk and the height of our platforms we decided to just stick with Aria's club (Haze).  We thought we would just get a stamp so we keep our VIP status of no-line, no-cover but saw that the club was getting quite packed already just stayed. Even had free drink tickets which was good cause at almost $16 a pop drinks were quite high. Water was a ridiculous $8 for a miniature bottle so I decided to melt the ice in my finished drink to make water! After contemplating our options on the invitations to a couple tables we cave in for the opportunity to sit and dance without getting pushed around. It was a fun night that lasted until 2 AM.


  1. looks like you had too much fun ;)
    I'm so happy for you!

  2. Looks like a BLAST! Never been to Vegas and would love to go for a weekend! Nonstop fun I bet!

  3. I love that dress with huge beading! very interesting and pretty. Loved your make up also very much and those killer pink shoes which I want to borrow sometime:) All of your friends also look very pretty in their outfits and ı am glad everybody had fun. Happy Anniversary to Mark and Jill!!


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