Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kick Start


Today's outfit was inspired by the January 2011 issue of In Style Magazine:

The combination was simple but very usable...

Added cream colored accessories...

If I could do it I would have loved to wear my super high cream wedges but even these were pushing it for a long day with the kids. I managed though...

Jacket, Tank, Bangles - Forever 21
Skinny Cargo pants - Target
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Ring - from Turkey
Sunglasses - Romwe

Had a long outing with the kids today. Went to the mall that is known to be very kid friendly but apparently they are undergoing some major construction and all the kid areas (the park, train, jumpy were all gone) Even the food court that used to overlook the ice skating/hockey ring was closed off. At least the photos on the walls of what will be built come November kept the kids hopeful. We shopped for new sunglasses for them as my son has outgrown his old ones. Living in Southern CA even the kids need sunglasses on a regular basis. We then went to the indoor play area instead of coming home. Since my daughter rarely naps I figured they can just play there and there won't be any clean-up to do afterwards. When it was time we left for the Karate classes and even got there in time to fit in a grocery shopping before the class. Of course my daughter was exhausted and literally passed out on the way home. She was so tired that I couldn't wake her up even after transferring her to the living room couch and turning on the TV. Finally got her up for dinner. My son on the other hand was like the Energizer bunny playing baseball outside after we came home. I wish I had his energy!


  1. love your sytle

    wait my blog

  2. Hey ! you make the outfit more rock with the military jacket !

  3. Love the color and style of that jacket! I have a similar one and it's perfect to throw over any look, dressy or casual! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, babe! I disabled the comments in my last post since I had so many blogs to catch up on! Just wanted to give a bit of eyecandy :) Have a fab weekend!

  4. I love it how you made the outfit your own from the inspiration.

  5. Sounds like it was a FULL day. Sorry that the mall excursion wasn't as fun as hoped. Oh well.

    Cute outfit.

  6. What a busy day but at least you looked amazing!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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