Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I wan'na be like you

 My outfit on Wednesday for my mom's Birthday! 

The inspiration was from the lovely Bee of Atlantic Pacific:

 I havent' worn this blue work shirt for such a long time. Loved pairing pastels together like this. At night I swapped the flats with the nude heels. I was too lazy and out of time to do a photo shoot with the heels in the morning...

The accessories was a tough calls. I liked both the turquoise cuff with the turquoise ring and the betsey cuff watch with a charm bracelet. Just not sure if I should have worn them all. At the end I did. both bracelets were gifts from my mom... And the ring is hand made by my Aunt.

Button-down - Victoria's Secret
Pants - Ruche
Scarf - Forever 21
Accessories - Forever 21, betsey Johnson, Victoria's secret etc...
Shoes - can't remember the brand name...

We ditched pre-school today as I had schedule a professional photo shoot with the kids with my mom and Step-Dad for mom's birthday. Mom wore a brightly colored Ralph Lauren dress gift from my step-dad and my step dad wore a midnight blue linen shirt. The kids were dressed white tops and jeans and it was a great combo. They did great for the group photos then my daughter was done. But my son got some great 5 year old shots.
Then we paid a visit to the Disney store of course followed by lunch followed by a visit to the lego store. My daughter miraculously napped today. Late afternoon my hubby had a date with our little girl while I took my son to the family b-day dinner for my Mom. It was at a Korean BBQ place and we knew not only would my daughter not sit through a 2 hour meal with a hot grill on the table but not would she eat any of that food. My son of course was in heaven. Afterwards we came to our house for cakes and gifts...

 Mom's super cool and edgy outfit at night for her b-day dinner...

With My mom, sister and son...



  1. Thanks my sweet baby, for of course you will it is in our genes! and on top of it each generation is doing better than the one before:) I wish and hope and pray that not only you look very good but also surrounded by a loving family in good health like I do! Which is more important than all and a great blessing. You looked so pretty in all those pastels . Actually your funky hair would be a lot better with my outfit but maybe if ı get old enough to be more daring ı would get an edgy haircut also:) Love those shoes by the way.

  2. Lovely family !! great post and lovely family

    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  3. OMG, i can't believe that's your mom. she looks so young!!! what a gorgeous woman. you have such awesome genes! i love those pants, BTW, look amazing with that chambray and the scarf!

  4. you look so soft, romantic in this look!!!!

    love the pants...

    many many wishes to your mum!! she is definitely a beauty!!

  5. Love your rendition of Blair's look! And your mom looks fabulous!

  6. This is a very classy outfit it is one of my favourites of yours. YOur mum looks so young. I can see so many similarities between the two of you.

  7. Those pants look fabulous on you! And love love love that scarf - so pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. You both look fabulous. I have just found your blog and look forward to reading often.

  9. Happy birthday to your mom! She looks so young and gorgeous!



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