Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ocean Beach

 This was my outfit yesterday... Simple and sporty but bright...

Jacket, Shorts - Forever 21
Tee - Target
Sneakers - Converses

Had such a fun day with the kids. Our mommy summer camp agenda was meeting at a skateboard park and letting the kids experiment with their skateboards and scooters.
The park is in my old neighborhood which is a total surfer town. We ate at the famous hamberger house on the main street then let the kids run off their lunch at the beach before heading home!

My cousin and I wore such similar outfits out of total coincidence!

My daughter uses the skateboard like a surfboard!

This little guy on his no pedal two wheel bike with his skateboarding mom who was taking photos while skating were such a cute couple!

A good shot of a pro. Love the shadow!

Lunch at Hodad's:


  1. I don't believe that was a coincidence -- you two look too coordinated to have dressed like this by chance. :)

    Actually, I really like you in this outfit. Stylish and feminine. Very attractive.

  2. There's nothing like bringing out a great classic like stripes! I love your jacket!
    The photo of your daughter on the skateboard is so cute and hilarious. xxoo

  3. wow very nice post i like ur dress and ur daughter looks fabulous.... :-)


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