Monday, July 23, 2012

At the Races

 So, sorry for such a long delay in between posts... I had these photos sitting on my laptop for a few days now but at a work conference and having so much fun networking with colleagues all over the country that had no time to log on....

This was my outfit to the Del Mar Race Track on last Friday afternoon! The inspiration was a combination of the following chictopia post and from Bee:

Wouldn't be race appropriate with a hat so this white floppy hat from my mom was perfect. Coincidentally the black and white heels are also from her (my b-day present to her a few years back)...
I dropped off the kids at her house and swiped her hat and heels in a quick fashion to create this outfit!

Ruffle front halter Top - Bebe
Skirt - TJ Maxx
Hat - Mom's
Heels - Guess (Mom's)

Our dear friends own a box at the races and every year graciously treat us for a day at the races. Since my cousin is visiting from Turkey and have never been we took her as well.
It was a lot of fun!

My cousin who is an actress in Istanbul has the best artistic poses:

At the end of the day walking to our car in 'walking home ballet flats'!


  1. Gorgeous. I love the white and black combination. I love the shoes the most; they are amazing. I adore the races. It is one of my favourite ever events to attend. I'd do anything to go to the races again soon, haven't been for awhile.

  2. you look great! love the inspiration and the final execution! lovely!


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