Monday, July 23, 2012

Check Mate

 Attempts of catching up in the many outfits I have been wearing over the past few days. This was my outfit to a work leadership dinner Sunday night...  

My inspiration was from the very edgy Fashion Coolture blog:

I adored the idea of mixing patterns of black and white with a pop of bright yellow...
Due to the not so great lighting of the hotel my kika paprika maxi coat acket does not show its true yellowness but it was perfect...

Here is a closer look of what was inside:

The top is actually a v-neck cardigan. But since I wanted the maximum pattern on the front I wore it buttoned and backwards! Should have done a photo of the back but forgot...

Decided to venture out to somewhat of a natural light to quickly snap these photos before meeting my party...

My golden platform/heel bottomed shoes were a great compliment....

Maxi Coat Jacket - 'Maggie' in citrus by Kika Paprika
Cardigan (worn as top) - Forever 21
Skirt - Thrifted from My Sister's Closet
Heels - Sam Edelman from Zappos
Cuffs, pearl necklace - Asos

And here is what I wore during the day to our first half day of training in Costa Mesa (Orange County) California:
 I wanted to keep it light and casual chic for the informal half day training by pairing the soft and comfy bermuda shorts with a bright aqua top and a fun neon coral scarf. The multi colored flats were perfect...

Top - 'Elyse' top in aqua by Kika Paprika
Shorts - 'Bermuda Shorts' in white by Kika Paprika
Scarf - floral infiniti scarf in neon coral by Kika Paprika
Sandals - Asos

Saturday night, I drove to Costa Mesa which is 1.5 hours north of me to meet my friend and my new recruit and check into our hotel. We met up with another new consultant and hit 7/11 for some mini bottles of wine and chatted the night away!
We are here for the Kika Paprika Fall/Winter 2012 Runway!
The company I represent has ended their Spring/Summer season and are here to find out the much anticipated new Fall Winter line and also get valuable consultant training.
It is also a great venue to meet consultants from all over the country that we talk to throughout the year on face book but don't get to meet in person...
Half of Sunday we sat through seminars on body shapes and color analysis and growing your business.
Followed by a leadership dinner at a great restaurant sitting at a chef's table...


  1. So glad I got to meet you in person and get all the great kika tips from you. Being new ... you are a true inspiration to me!

  2. Great pattern-combination that I never would have attempted but works wonderfully. Just right.

    I know you find inspiration in others' outfits; I hope you realize that you equally inspire the rest of us.

  3. That is very true I agree with Shybiker you do inspire me too which I am very proud.Love this combination and I have a very similar skirt and top and will try with my kika jacket! Congratulations on you recognition and my best wishes for your growing success in your business.

  4. I love the mix of patterns and the pop of yellow. I would have never thought to do that!

    I love the colors in the second look, it also looks really comfy too!


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