Friday, July 6, 2012

Got a thing about Ferry Boats

 I loved how today's outfit came together. Something about mint green and light thin denim...
The target necklace with a touch of mint and navy blue beads couldn't go any better...

The inspiration was from the April 2012 issue of In Style Magazine:

Sweater, hat - Forever 21
Eyelet tank top - Juicy Couture (thrift shop)
Thin denim shorts - from Turkey
Necklace - Target
Sunglasses - Asos
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

Another fun playdate on the 'Mommy Summer Camp' calendar today.
There truly are a lot of fun places to choose from when you live in one of the #1 vacation spots in the country.
Today we met at the beautiful Coronado Island's Ferry landing Pier. Took the ferry downtown just to ride it. We didn't even get off just took it back.
Then we settled on the little beach that is under the pier and overlooks the San Diego bay to the downtown skyline!
Kids loved playing under the pier and going in the calm bay with hardly any waves.
Especially my daughter. My goodness that one is going be an ultimate all time California Girl! She was just one with the sand and the beach and the water. Waded in the water so deep we had to constantly yell at her to come back. She loved just laying in the warm sand and never got cold.

Here are all the kids in our group!

And the army of Mommies:

Fun at the beach afterwards...

My CA GIRL! Making sand angels...
She cries by the way if I take off her wet suit off so now I bring two suits that way I can take off the wet one and put a dry one on while she eats etc...


  1. You have such a sophisticated eye for fashion. Your color-sense is so developed. You really are my mentor.

    Oh, and I heard about your city's fireworks-mishap. What a terrible thing! It must have surprised and disappointed thousands of holiday-revelers.

  2. Your open knit is lovely, what a pretty blue-green hue! I love going to Piers. I Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. -xx

  3. Like that photo of all the kids in the ferry :-)


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