Thursday, July 5, 2012

We just know inside that we're queens

 My outfit Tuesday night to a girl's night out celebrating BF's b-day with happy hour followed by dinner followed by seeing 'Magic Mike'! :)

The inspiration photo was this:
 I love the crispiness of the outfit with bold colors of hot pink, white, turquoise blue and totally unexpected green clutch!

I thought I had a silky pink top but apparently I didn't. So wore this super old camisole tank inside which served its purpose quite nicely!

Jacket, Jeans, Necklace, Cuff - Forever 21
Tank - who knows...
Heels - Zappos (Gabriella Rocha)
Clutch - Romwe

Morning was the last class with our outdoor school to a spray park very inland which was good cause it was quite cloudy and chilly on the coast but inland was nice and warm...

Doing the beanbag boogie dance with the class:

And at night we dropped off the kids at my mom's and my cousin and I left to meet up with my girls for a fun night of happy hour, dinner and seeing the ultimate girl movie: "Magic Mike"!


  1. I love all those colors together and your hair is so fun!

  2. I love the idea of blue shoes with white and all the pictures look so cute. Sedef does not look pregnent at all not definitely not 8 months!!! All of you look like having great time but I love Trevor in camouflage print glasses and Juliet in so stylish white!!!

  3. I love how you are well put together while being a mommy on the go.


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