Thursday, August 2, 2012


 Somewhat similar to yesterday black and white with Fedora combo today is all white. The inspiration was below:

I liked this all white with a white Fedora to top... I actually have white linen pants that I love but the thought of hand washing then ironing them pushed me towards wearing my sweat pant comfy Kika pants which are just machine washable.

The pink is fading fast as you can see. I think I might go for something different next time around...

Tank - Forever 21
Pants - Kika Paprika Bootcut Tencel
Hat - Target
Purse - Thread Show
Sunglasses - House of Harlow
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

Created an activity out of going to sport's chalet to buy goggles for the kids, followed by car wash, stop at the frame store and lunch. My mom joined us so that made it all easier. After quiet time they tried out their new googles with a swim in our pool!
Afternoon family came to visit to hang out.


  1. This all white look was gorgeous and very pure indeed. I had so much fun today with you guys and I saw you in this outfit and it was very charming easy but elegant all at the same time!

  2. Wow. This so suits you. Your overall appearance to me is one of elegance and sophistication, so this look displays that handsomely. This is how I'd imagine you look if I ever had the chance to run into you on the street. (I'd ask you for your autograph.)


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