Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

 Today's outfit. Wanted to wear these and get them off of my folder....

This coach purse is soooo old. In fact when I pulled it out of my clutch shelf it was covered in this mold looking stain. I just wiped it with a damp cloth and it was fine. Freaked me out though.

Hat, shorts - Forever 21
Tee - Ann Taylor
Cardigan - Guess
Purse - Coach
Sandals - Boutique 9
i-phone Cover - Henri Bendel

We had a very nice playdate at my friend's complex pool. The pool was only slightly heated and our spoiled kids who are so used to heated pools took a bit to warm up but then they were totally fine.
After the most unpeaceful visit to the lab for my blood test we came home to rest but the kids just would not quiet down so we gave up.
Catching up on True Blood and Game of Thrones with my friend tonight...


  1. Love this outfit altogether!. The hat is pulling the whole look I think. Sandals are perfect and I remember the days I can wear shorts like that and now I can have the pleasure to watch them on you!!!

  2. Love the black and white look, and those ankle sandals are gorgeous! :)

  3. Love the cute fringe on the sleeves and neck of the tee. And I've seen every episode of both TB and GOT.

  4. love the effect of the makes u look totally bohemian!!


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