Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Welcome to the Festival

 Very festival inspired outfit yesterday. 

The inspiration was from a small Essie Ad Campaign inset in the June 2012 issue of Elle Magazine:
 I liked the floral maxi dress with leather boots and fedora and a light touch of crochet to top it off...

Floral Maxi - YesStyle
Crochet Vest - Marshall's
Fedora - ASOS
Boots - Via Spiga 
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

It was a lazy start for the day as we didn't have concrete plans. Did some painting art with the kids than my friend came over with her kids and swam with all 4 children while I ran to my Dr appointment and did a light grocery shopping. Cooked dinner at home and had the husbands babysit while I showed my friend and my mom our new Fall/Winter line.

Oh, and Here is the outfit I wore on SUNDAY:
Sunday I completely slept in since the kids were at my mom's house then went to lunch with my hubby before picking up the kids. We had plans to go to a concert in the park but everyone was out of it so stayed home instead and had the dinner we were going to take to the park. Then my cousin started having contractions and we got ready in a frenzy thinking this might be it but after 3 hours at triage found out it was a a false alarm!


  1. Lovely dress. The print is so beautiful. I adore your colourful and stripe outfit too.

  2. that's such a cute dress! love the sunday outfit as well!


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