Friday, August 10, 2012

The fun never ends

 Simple outfit for yesterday's Legoland Outing...

 Top, round sunglasses  - Forever 21
Shorts & Sandals - TJ Maxx
Bracelets - Target and from Turkey

Spent the day at Legoland with  my Cousin and her husband. Trying to get the most done before her baby is due! We used our 'bring a friend' passes to let them in for free. It was so hot though so a bit tiring for all of us.
Here are some fun photos...


  1. I love those printed sandals and your short shorts! The kids always seem to steal the show, love her little blue gingham skirt. Happy weekend Daphne! :) -xx/Madison

  2. Fun never ends is a true sentence for your days :) Love your sandals such a perfect outfit for legoland in one of the hottest days!!! I love Juliets Fedora and trevor's angry bird face painting. Baris getting himself ready for going crazy with his baby!!!

  3. Hello John Lennon! The glasses are cute.

    And I love your top, which you surround perfectly with great jewelry and shoes.

  4. Love the shoes and the bracellets! Great photos!



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