Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

 Today's outfit for continuing our Black Friday shopping and going to the movies with the kids...
I actually bought these pants last night (well earlier today since it was after midnight) from Kohl's black Friday Sale.... I am seeing that tie dye and acid wash is coming back in spring and I loved the design of this acid wash and the fact that it has shimmer in it....

Soft Blazer, Eagle Necklace - Forever 21
Top - H&M
Necklace - Shoe Dazzle
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson
Fashion Sneakers - Steve Madden

Last night's midnight shopping was interesting. I pretty much zoomed in on kid's clothes and toys the whole night. Bought a few Rock & Republic pieces as they were 40-60% off  on my way to the kid department. I scored some amazing games the kids were wanting and a few items from their Tony Hawk collection for my son. Got him these cool teal colored skinny jeans and a black/teal plaid overlay button down to go with it. Love that line for boys. For my daughter a few night gowns as she is crazy about them and they are not easy to find. At $11 plus 15% off they were a bargain. 

The best bargains were scored online though from the Disney Store. Instead of dealing with waiting in lines and looking for sizes I shopped their black friday sale on Thursday morning and got 20% off their sale items. Half my shopping list was completed from that store. Even got complimenting Mickey/Minnie PJs for the whole family! 

After Kohl's I met up with my best friend at the mall. To my disappointment not all the stores were open. Hit Children's place which then i realized had the same discounts later in the day. But it was interesting the live the experience. Seeing the mall filled with unusual crowds of people. Your body kind of gets tricked like you are on a trip jumping time zones and I was not tired. That could also be due to the high shopping gives me in general. 

Later during normal daytime hours I picked up my mom and went back with the kids to exchange the pair of shoes I bought my son. We hit a few other stores and then saw the movie 'rise of the guardians'. I really should go to bed!

Tried a fun style on my daughter today! :)

This top on my son was another black friday purchase...

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  1. Yeaaah ! this look is amazing ! I love your tie and dye jean, and your necklaces amaze me !!!


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