Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good Sport

Today's inspiration was from an Ad in People Style Watch Sept 2011 issue:

My belt is a bit more muted red and the jeans are very high waisted...

Top, boots - From Turkey
Jeans - Forever 21
Belt - Thrifted
Earrings - Thread Show
Bracelets - Etsy
Purse - Shoe Dazzle

Took the kids to Turkish school then went to a birthday party of my son's kindergarten friend on an ice ring. The kids of course were excited but totally scared on the ice. Had fun though.
My Dad is back from Turkey so he came to see us and then to the house and we had a quiet night.


  1. super cute! I love that striped top :)


  2. You look great Daphne! Love the 70s look outfit!


  3. love the inspiration! Wish I could ice skate, but it's always been a disaster!!

  4. love the striped top with jeans anyway but red belt made it all so chic! Wish I learned to skate when I was young...


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