Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Country Club

 Went to the luxury movie theaters with my Dad tonight for his very late b-day outing...

Used this inspiration that I had saved from Chictopia probably 2 years ago!

This was so simple yet chic and stylish I loved it. The fur collar makes all the difference and I love the idea of sheer black panty hose with bronze heels!

For outerware I put on my ruffle hem trench coat....

Fur Collar, Brooch, Satin striped capri pants, polka dot hose - Forever 21
White top - Mom's
Trench Coat - Guess
Clutch - Target
Wedges - Guess (super old)
Earrings - Betsey Johnson

Ah, I decided to ditch my daughter's outdoor class and go to the indoor play area instead so I can catch up with work but the place was closed for a private event and it was too much rush hour traffic to go anywhere else so we came home and it wasn't very productive.
Lunchtime I took my daughter to my mom's house and went to my son's school to volunteer in his class taking each kid's photos with winter clothes for their upcoming 'winter sing' event. I so love working with his classmates. They are all so adorable.
Then took him for frozen yogurt just the two of us before coming home.
Night went to the luxury movies with my dad for dinner and a movie. Unfortunately he fell a sleep and we missed the movie we were supposed to see (life of pi) but saw 'argo' instead which was phenomenal.
Great night.

Here was my son's photo:

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