Saturday, December 8, 2012

Change of Pace

 Today's combo came out pretty cute in my opinion. You never know with these risky combo's sometimes they look great sometimes not so much.

This inspiration was saved very long ago from this online store 'Make Me Chic' website lookbook:
Of course I haven't bought any of these items but I owned very similar pieces to create the combo...

 I double wrapped the infiniti scarf to create the cape effect...

 Saw this 'evil eye' nail design from ElleSees blog and adopted it right away. My base blue was a little darker but at least I had all the colors at home already. Some evil eyes have yellow in them too. I might try that next...

Hat - was a gift from my mom to my sister and she felt it was too big for her. 
Cape - Infiniti scarf from Costco of all places!
Top - Gap
Short - Forever 21
Tights - We love color
Boots - Forever 21

Instead of regular class today we had family PJ night in class in the evening. So we had a free day with my daughter went to Nordstrom rack for xmas shopping. After couple hours treated her to burgers and fries at a diner in the mall and ordered here a 'pink' shake! She had to stand to drink from it!

Then in the evening we picked up a pizza pie and went to the indoor class so kids can have dinner then put on their PJs and listen to stories and watch movies with their friends on pillows and blankets.
My brother and nephew joined us as well...

 My son sharing his pillow with cousin....


  1. Super cute, wearing an infinity scarf as a cape is such a good idea, and I love those tights :)
    This might sound random, but do you watch The Office? You look a lot like Erin (I think thats the right spelling). :)


  2. Oh ! I never tried this combo ! Grey and burgundi are great together ! I love your boots too !

  3. Yep, adoring the whole outfit! Niiice.


  4. Love the look. Stylish and creative.

  5. I love the whole look, as always it is very stylish and cute and practical as a mom. I wish I was there to shop with you and Juliet and have lunch with you two. This is the only reason I do not want to work I am missing out on having fun with you two but at least I caught up with you and Buket for the evening:)

  6. i love the nails!!!!!!! just got caught up on all your outfits and everything! I wish you the happiest of holidays that are full of love.


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