Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Going, going, gone

 My outfit on New Year's Eve!


 I have to admit I bought the entire outfit that was shown in Ann Taylor Loft's website:
but then last minute I decided to not use the belt but use the necklace instead...

 I ordered this necklace but they were out of stock. My sister who tends to buy very similar items happened to purchase it too so I borrowed it from her!

And I could have worn the classic pointy toe patent leather shoes but I thought these just added so much more glam and interest. The ironic part is they are my stepdad's gift to my mom and we forgot they were at my house so she didn't get them or see them yet. I asked her of course and knowing my mom she said of course I could wear them!

 Layers of fringed tulle....

Top, Necklace, Skirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Heels - Victoria's Secret

New Year's Eve -
We had such a fun night again with the same group we were just at Big Bear with. But this time our friends that live very close to us hosted just like last year. Each family had a bedroom for themselves and since the kids had already spent the 2 previous nights together they were totally fine going down. We also put them down super late so that might have helped too. So late that when we told them it was time to go to bed not one resisted or wined. They were probably wondering when we were going to remember and put them to bed!
The adults were having too much fun chatting and having a dance off and playing games before and after they went to bed. We even had fireworks on the roof top deck and entered the new year there!
The next morning our hosts cooked an amazing breakfast. What luxury!

 My son wanted us to line up in height order... :)

In her glittery party dress:

My handsome boy:

Glow stick fun

 The ladies...

 Dance off to Wii

 Drinks and fireworks...

Adults before NYE:

 The Ladies and the Men...


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  1. love the shoes you chose to wear. looks like you have a great group of friends!
    happy new year to you guys!

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