Thursday, January 3, 2013

Out with the Old and in with the New

 My outfit yesterday and the first outfit of the year!

Another Ann Taylor Loft inspiration:

I was initially planning to wear my black sequin skirt but it would have been too much for preschool so went with waxed/coated jeans instead... Plus the necklace is on loan from my sister so thought better wear it again before I return it to her.

Cardigan - very old
Top, Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft
Pants, belt - Forever 21
Boots - from Turkey
Purse - Q

1st day of preschool for my daughter and since my son is still off school he came with.
We returned 'winnie' which we had over the holidays and my daughter got to present what she did with her.... It was nice to see my mommy friends that i hadn't seen for couple of weeks so we all went to lunch after class to catch-up.

And her friend gets Winnie but the twin sisters are not keen on sharing...


  1. Happy New Year! I love your top and necklace. Too bad you have to give the necklace back :)

  2. Great outfit!


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