Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Matching in yellow jeans

 Well, sorry for the long absence this weekend as we had my husband's grandparents visiting us there was no time log in at all. I also failed to take my outfit photos on Saturday and Sunday but actually did dress up blog worthy. Oh well... This is what I wore today (Monday). And I will also post what I wore last Friday which I never got to post...

Today's outfit was inspired by this Magazine photo:

A simple combo but allowed me to remix these yellow jeans and debut my new structured purse from shoedazzle!

 The handmade necklaces from craft fair bazaar in Turkey 3 years ago....
 Don't you just LOVE this bag? It also comes in black and brown but I loved this tan and white version. And it is sooo roomy and due to structured shape so easy to find everything in it.

So, at this point I have to tell you about the big incident that occurred this weekend:
MY DAUGHTER BUTCHERED HER HAIR with her brother's craft scissors within 10 minutes while my husband was having dinner with the grandparents downstairs while I was at my book club meeting with the girls. I was devastated. I know there are so many worse things but trust me when it happens to you, you just can't help this feeling. All her beautiful 'golden' hair as she called it gone. And not just gone just butchered beyond repair. The only way to repair it would have been going with a pixie cut but I wasn't ready for that so we are going to be in this awkward 'bob' cut for a while.

But look how cute she posed like me as we dressed alike today!
 You can't teach to pose like this. This is pure inheritance I have to say! :)

Trench, Top, Jeans - Forever 21
Necklaces - From Turkey
Purse - Shoedazzle
Flats - Enzo

 The inspiration for this comfy combo was this photo:
I decided to add the mustard tote for 'pop' factor...
 This babydoll top is actually short sleeved so I added my kika paprika long sleeve cotton top underneath to layer....

 Love the pearl and spike headband. Currently I can't locate this in the house though. Bumming me out...

Top, Headband, Earrings - Forever 21
Wrap, boots - Newport News
Leggings - INC by Macy's
Purse - Charming Charlie's
Cuffs - Asos
Necklace - very old....


 She took out so much in the front and the sides and even some from the back on top layer that we had to cut off the mullet she left....
 Look how bad the front is. This is how it looks with no hair accessories. You can be assured that she will be wearing a lot of accessories from now on....

To kill a rainy and cold Saturday afternoon after the hair cut we went to an indoor play area with the grandparents...

They even found a game they could play and Nana won the kids over 500 tickets playing wheel of fortune!

Saturday night took them out to Joe's Crab Shack ocean front....

Aren't they the most adorable grandparents ever? He is 93 and she is 91!

Monday night we were at my mom and stepdad's house...

Every night after the kids went to bed we stayed up until midnight playing 'polish rummy' with them while Grandpa sipped on highballs! :)

This morning saying 'good bye' so melancholy!

Making the most of the funky hair do.... I discovered I can add her single large barrettes on plain headbands....


  1. Kids! They do the craziest things. It sounds, though, like her act bothers you more than it does her. I hope you feel better about it soon. Your creative efforts on her hair might help.

    You both look stunning in yellow pants.

  2. omg, haha. i know how you must've felt...it just happened to my neighbor. her daughter did the same and chopped off one side! my daughter did, too...not as bad, tho! she's still cute...and it'll grow back soon enough!

    love the second outfit. black with brown boots is nice.

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  3. My brother cut of the center of his hair when he was three (about 25 years age) and though he's no a girl my mom was so upset, so I can imagine how you feel. He had a deep hole in his hair for a few weeks and till today hair doesn't grow right in the center of his head (though it's not visible unless you know to look).

  4. I adore your first outfit - it's perfect and surely family photos are the sweetest ones

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  5. Enjoyed this blog page a lot today! Love your second outfit and especially the pearl and spike head band (hope you find it) Love your pose with Trevor (happy as can be on your lap) and your pose with Juliet in yellow jeans! She is the cutest no matter what! The grandparents are adorable and very sweet memories are built once more.

  6. Great outfit Daphne. I love that trench vest so much. The yellow pants are a great pair for spring. xx/Madison

  7. can i be honest? i kinda LOVE your daughter's hair. i love the mullet and it's adorable super short too. haha. your yellow jeans and that vest are fab! i have a black trench vest and i just haven't figured out how to wear it yet!

    okay, i'm such a dork. i thought it was a Kika party like your clothing BUT i was completely wrong. it was Kokoon. i think the double Ks threw me off!


  8. OM, but she is cute neverthless.
    It happened in this house first time year ago, when my daughter was 2,5 and I cached her , when she was on her first bunch, so I know what you feel.


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