Monday, March 11, 2013

Who is Wearing Kika? - Meet Veda

Meet today's kika Paprika Model - VEDA
Veda has been part of the mommy group I joined when our older sons were just 3 months old. Since then besides the mommy group we have been taking our kids to the same co-op preschool for years together. Our kids will go to different elementary schools but we live in sister neighborhoods so they will go to the same middle and high school!

Veda grew up in Ohio, she is 1/2 Chinese, 1/4 Swedish, and 1/4 English! How cool is that? :)
Underneath her pure mom persona to her two sons Veda is a software developer used by chemists to design pharmaceutical drug molecules! 

Veda has been a big supporter and loves the kika clothes since I started selling them. She was part of the first ever presentation I did in my first season. She owns probably over 20 pieces and swears by their warmth and comfort.... I am so happy to be finally getting her to model them.

Here is what she had to say: 
'I love how the Kika clothes feel so soft and comfortable, how the designs are stylish and figure-flattering, the beautiful colors, and how the pieces can be combined in many ways -- they make it easy to look great.
I had sooo much fun dressing up and posing to model all the cool outfits that Daphne created!"

This was one of the last outfits we put on Veda and it looked great on her. She is not quiet into ruffles but this top has very subtle ones and showcases her sculpted arms.  
We used her own gold sandals paired with the gold necklace and gold tone belt....
'Loren' top in peony by kikaPaprika - $65
'Brit' skirt in cocoa by kikapPaprika - $75
Necklace - $40
Belt - $20

We first tried on some cute dressy outfits on Veda. This is a great softer version of a classic suit. Veda carries the 'khaki' color scheme very nicely as it contrasts with her beautiful dark hair....

'Daphne' jacket in khaki by kikaPaprika - $85
'Drew' tank in black by  kikaPaprika - $40
'Elle' skirt in khaki by kikapPaprika - $60

To maximize the photo shoot time with my models and to also show how versatile pieces are we tried to create different outfits using some of the same pieces. So in this outfit we kept the skirt and tank in outfit #2 and added the Military style jacket with comfy chic boots and a fedora. 
Shows how you can convert the dressy spring outfit to a fall style with one change...

And I think hat looks just adorable on Veda especially with the geometric dangling earrings. She liked this jacket so much she already put her name on it to buy it!

'Sami' Jacket in black by kikaPaprika - $150
'Elle' skirt in khaki by kikaPaprika - $60
Earrings - $10
Fedora - $20

And this was the third combo we created using the same tank and skirt. We made it preschool and playground friendly by adding capri leggings and flat sandals and just a couple chic sturdy long necklaces take it from simple to chic. Who says you can't wear a mini skirt to the park. The kika skirts have so much stretch in them that they never restrict your movement while looking chic and structured.

'Drew' tank in black by kikaPaprika - $40
'Elle' skirt in khaki by kikaPaprika - $60
Capri leggings in black by kikaPaprika - $56
Necklaces - $32 and $26 by Cookie Lee

We kept the leggings on and then moved to some fun bright colors that go great with Veda's coloring. The tunic length top with adjustable tie sides and cowl neck is super flattering and versatile. The tencel jacket looks so slimming with the 'v' front hemline and the tailored look is hard to believe it is machine washable and dryable!

We wanted to have some fun adding these aqua platforms but of course you can keep the same look with sandals as well.

'Natalie' jacket in peony by kikaPaprika - $135
'Alexis' tank in ocean by kikaPaprika - $70
Capri leggings in black by kikaPaprika - $56
Necklace - $20

 We simply took off the jacket and lowered the heels to create a easy summer look...

'Alexis' tank in ocean by kikaPaprika - $70
Capri leggings in black by kikaPaprika - $56
Necklace - $20

Bangles - $2 each

We wanted to try some combo's that suited Veda's original everyday style. She loves the ease of shorts and capri pants with simple tops and tanks. This top has fun colored stripes that add interest. We added a neutral color but very chunky summer necklace to again add that chic factor...

Veda loves to layer especially needed in San Diego when the weather temp changes so dramatically from morning to midday to afternoon. So we topped this combo off with a bright colored but ultra soft and comfy 'milly' jacket....

So comfy and chic right?

'Milly' jacket in kiwi by kikaPaprika - $115
'Pippa' top in stripe by kikaPaprika - $50
Twill Capri pants in steel by kikaPaprika - $88
Necklace - $20

We kept the pants on and added another fun top. This style sleeveless top is Veda's favorite. She owns last season's style of this top in almost every color. The floral pattern make the outfit very fun and spring ready.

'Charlotte' top in meadow print by kikaPaprika - $64
Twill Capri pants in steel by kikaPaprika - $88

OUTFIT #9 - Maxi Dress
 The portia dress from Kika's Spring collection is definitely to die for. And on Veda we are going to show just a few of many different ways you can wear and style this 'ikat' print version.
First we kept things simple and wore it maxi style with white wedges and a pop colored necklace...
So beautiful....

Again Veda loves to have jackets handy for when the temp drops so instead of going with a predictable brown jacket over this which also looks nice we topped with a bright tangerine one and added turquoise and brown shell necklace for a fun color combination...

Knee Length DRESS (with belt)
We took off the jacket and added a corset belt and shortened the dress to knee length. 

The dress can also be lowered to 'midi' length by folding the top just enough to hit under the bust area. It is also a great way to hide the tummy area this way too....

'Portia' dress in Ikat print (also comes in meadow floral print and solids) by kikaPaprika - $95
'Daphne' jacket in Tangerine by kikaPaprika
Coral  necklace - $20
Turquoise necklace - $32

We had so much fun with Veda. She is such a pleasure to style because she is willing to try on anything I suggest but also has strong opinions of herself that helped me find the right combination for her. 


  1. great blog, love the transitions and multiple photos...

  2. lovely outfits! i especially love the pink and green outfit and the striped top!!! i think my friend is having a kika paprika party tomorrow night. how funny!


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