Monday, April 22, 2013

Lap of Luxury

 This was my outfit during the 2nd part of Friday night. After the jumpy place we went home to put the kids to bed and leave them with my mom and changed went out downtown to have more normal grown up celebration of my brother's birthday...

The inspiration was from December 2012 issue of In Style Magazine:

 I liked the stark contrast between bright purple top and white blazer. And the hot pink clutch...

Jacket, Top , pants - Forever 21
Earrings - Target
Purse - Asos
Booties - Michael Antonio

Saturday afternoon's outfit as part of our mommy spa day was inspired by Nov 2012 issue of Allure:

We had a fabulous day at the spa/pool/steam room. Then went to happy hour and dinner and spent hours chatting and laughing and barely made it (10 minutes late) to our movie. The movie was way too low and a bit downer and the hot movie we expected from Ryan Gosling and Bradley cooper but it was at a luxury theater and the seats and pop corn combo was great!

 This dish was called 'The Angry Fish' it is a huge white fish fried whole and very crispy and yummy. We did a number on it as you can see below.... We had it with garlic noodles and crispy brussel sprouts. Our apps were $1 oysters and crispy rice. Really yummy food I have to say! Drinks started with  cucamber gin and tonics...

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  1. loving these two outfits. a pair of snow leopard jeans are on my wishlist!

    your girls' night sounds NICE!! i could definitely use one of those. plus i totally have staycation on the brain!!

    mobile morsels


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