Friday, April 26, 2013

Get Carried Away

 This is one of 5 inspirations I cut out to style this unique patterned tank from kika. The print and colors are subtle and really leave room for endless possibilities... 

Here is today's inspiration:

 I just added a simple long necklace to keep things simple and give the spotlight to the print of the tank....

 And of course I wasn't going to pull off these platforms to pre-school. I mean I can do some heels and wedges but these are full on 5 inch platforms... So instead so I went with my flat ankle cuff sandals instead...
Top - 'Vera' in marble print by kikaPaprika
Trench - Forever 21
Jeans - Newport News
Platform - Aldo, Sandals - Boutique 9
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Cuff - Stella & Dot

This morning was tough. My husband is away at a tennis tournament and I had to wake up with the kids who get up waaaay too early (5:45 AM) for my taste. They were nice enough to play for a while but my daughter got hungary and woke me up at 6:40! Going to be a tough day...
My son's class was hosting/leading flag day today for the whole school so we went early and parked the car and walked in for a change. They were so cute leading the pledge than singing the state song...And what was great is that I get the chance to be there for every tiny important moment of their lives.

Afterwards we went to my daughter's school then came home to rest a bit and get ready for the crazy day that awaits us tomorrow then went to my son's baseball practice and brought him and his friend home for their first sleepover.

 Walking with big brother.... My goodness her hair is really at a weird stage right now. We are trying to grow it out....


  1. Maşallah, çok tatlı çocuklar. Siz orada mı yaşıyorsunuz? :)

  2. Senin çocuklar çok şirin. Burada onları görmek için her zaman güzel.

  3. Love the outfit! The top kind of reminds me of the painter, Monet.

  4. Love the vest! And your kids are just adorable!


  5. I love how you show the inspiration pages.
    I am amazed at the amount of clothing that you have.
    Hope you are having a good KikaPaprika season.


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