Monday, May 27, 2013

Put your drinks up

So sorry I have been MIA for almost a week since my last post! That is probably the first time I have gone without a post for this long....
Thursday I got sick right before I left for Vegas so it was a day of getting ready and trying to get better.

We left early in the morning for our big Vegas trip for my little sister's bacheloratte party! The morning was hectic as it was also my son's first kindergarten field trip to the zoo so I had to get him and his lunch ready and all the parties involved to take him to his trip like my Dad and his friend's mother etc....
We rented a SUV and drove the Vegas with my sis and her 2 other friends. The drive was nice but long. We dropped off the car at the hotel but didn't realize where we park it was soooo far from the lobby and we had to carry all the heavy bags of water and alcohol we had bought for the room through the large casinos and hotel corridors. It was exhausting but we made it. 
After lunch we got ready for the night and then had dinner and met the other girls in the room for night of clubbing at Caesar Palace's 'Pure'.
Good thing is I had ran into a promoter coming into the hotel so we were set for VIP list to get in with no line and cover and free drinks until midnight although the free drinks tasted awful.

After 10-15 minutes of cramped dancing on the floor scored an invite from a very nice prime table and that was great to have seating which I was the only who utilized and dancing without being pushed and shoved. The guys were very nice as well, meaning friendly without being inappropriate and cheesy.
Finally when none of us could bear our heels any longer we left and ended the night with a trip to the 24 hour restaurant....

 Wore the new gorgeous kika Paprika Summer Dress called 'Anastasia' for both the trip there and my return flight back home. It is the perfect summer dress. Silky and soft. Fitted just at the right places and comfy. This is the white and khaki chevron stripe. I also ordered the tonal ocean stripe.
 I added fun colorful beads and my yellow cross body for fun....

Lunch at the hotel:

 My best friend bought me this dress for my birthday last year. She loves to spoil me with lavish pieces of clothing from Bebe that I would never buy myself with the fear that I would so seldom wear them. Of course the whole year I had no where appropriate for this club dress but Vegas was perfect for it!

Not easy you know being with a group of 8 girls who were my 10 to 13 years my junior the entire weekend!

Apparently guys love things that are sparkly cause this headband got sooo much attention for reasons I still do not understand. They also thought I was the bride because of this headband. Again not sure why.

Dress - Bebe
Headband - I can't remember where I ordered this from...
Heels - Steve Madden

On our way....

Hotel Lobby

At 'Pure'....

taking a break with my beautiful bride to be lil sis....

Look how crowded the dance floor is... Nice to be not in that mess!

At the diner to end the night...

 I bought this dress for our last trip to Vegas last year but never wore it. I was going to return but it was such a nice dress at such a ridiculous price that I decided to keep it and it came in handy for Vegas....

You can tell I have huge fake lashes right? The girls put them on me. They felt like I had curtains over my eyelids all night but they were fun. 

Dress, Earrings - Forever 21
Knuckle Clutch - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Bebe


Limo Ride

Pretty shoe poses in the limo....

Up till 4 AM that night!

Ending with Cesar Palace's beautiful Pool area which is where we spent day time both Friday, Saturday and Sunday....


  1. You look like Giulianna Ranic in that blue dress.

  2. Wow! What a great post. The bebe dress and sparkly headband are fantastic. Awesome to see you in false eyelashes in the blue dress. Looks like you had a fun time. And it was odd you being away from the blog so long -- I thought you'd been kidnapped!

  3. Loved you in both dresses! It looked like you girls had a great time. I do relate to the false eyelashes. My daughter is a makeup artist and sells hundreds of them for weddings, etc.

  4. Hot mama! Love the sparkles in your hair!

  5. you look FAB in all your vegas dresses!! can't believe the blue one is from f21! love it!

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