Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rain or Shine

 Sorry, I keep running out of steam every other night and doing two outfit posts... You can blame the 'insanity' work outs...
This was yesterday's outfit to field trip to Legoland in tropical downpour....

Inspiration J Crew's March 2013 issue:

Took the idea of pairing bold striped top with lavender jeans, jeweled collar and a baseball cap.
It was too cold for just the top so I added a button down under it. 

My new baubles from Bauble Bar (just love these. They are so chunky)

Top - Stylemint
Blouse, Hat, Jeans - Forever 21
Necklaces - Bauble Bar
Boots - Steve Madden

So after the hot 90s weather on Friday the weekend was cold and Monday it was raining. Our field trip with my daughter's school was 'rain or shine' though so we went anyway. We only got rained out for an hour during lunch and otherwise it was fine. The good thing was it wasn't really cold.
My Dad came with us and I took my son out of school so he was over the moon.
Dad took all the photos at the park and has not shared them so I only have this group photo we took before we left:

 I like wearing certain pieces in the same week before washing/ironing them so this shirt was the one this week....

The inspiration was from People Style Watch's March 2013 issue:

I first thought I would wear this with my black leather vest but it was too fitted and cropped over the oversize blouse that it didn't work. This vest was more the cut I was looking for even though it wasn't the right color/material I think it still worked...

 Necklace, bracelets - Bauble Bar, cookie lee, michael kors
Vest, blouse, pants - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden

Went to the outdoor class even though it was raining a bit and chilly but the sun did come out and it was great for the kids to get fresh air. Then went to the indoor play area so I can catch up on all my party planning coming up next month. Then picked up my son and came home and tried to nap with not much success. The kids made me 'mother's day' cards from toilet paper rolls! But they were so excited about them. It was all their idea.
The Insanity workouts are brutal but I can finally see the outline of two vertical ab muscles that are starting to form. Yeay! Tonight's tape was 'pure cardio' which has a 20 minute segment of non stop high impact cardio with no breaks. I can't even describe the heat and sweat that comes out. My hair is taking a toll. Lets see how it looks tomorrow....

The pose above was really this before I tried to crop... The kids were doing scooter races before we left....


  1. I love your first outfit babe and you shine whether it rains or not! love the accessories of the second outfit a lot. I do have a lot also but just cannot manage to wear them all at once:) Love the black and white photo.

  2. Amazing looks! So great:)


  3. I adore the lavender jeans with the fun colourful stripe top.


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