Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Panther

 Got too tired again last night to post so here is yesterday's outfit.... Inspired by this tiny photo:

I first put on my white fedora like the inspiration photo but it just didn't look right for some reason. So instead wore this white lace baseball cap and I think it is more on trend this way...

This tee is a bit much so it was more contained under the jacket...
I do love this simple thin cuff necklace though. Especially with sporty outfits and graphic tee's it adds the perfect edge/glam combo. 

Blazer - Gap
Top, Necklace, Tee, hat - Forever 21
Shoes - Enzo

I always start these re-caps with 'it was a crazy day' cause it seems to be always the case and yesterday was no exception. We went to the indoor class and there I took over my friend's two little ones as she has a family situation. After school I took all 3 to pick up my son. So after that with 4 of them we came home. I served them lunch and luckily all the kids were good eaters so that helped. Then the boys went up to play. My little princess hung solo and I put the little princess to nap after a bit of rocking.
In the afternoon it was cookies and fruit for snack than their mom came to pick them up and we rushed to swim class. During swim class I ordered the take out Greek food and got those kids showered and dressed out of there in 8 minutes which I think is record breaking. After picking up dinner we went to my friend's house and my hubby met us there so we can have a family dinner with them and celebrate their new baby. It was a bit tough getting the kids to get out of there and come home after a short visit but we managed. Then it was another psycho insanity tape at home! You can imagine how tired I felt afterwards and yet I never seem to want to go bed at nights. If only I felt that way in the morning. It is just brutal in the mornings...

Here is a photo from Preschool where my daughter and her friends wore these fluffy masks:
[my daughter is at the right end in mint pants]

And here are couple photos from our visit to my friend's house for dinner....

Since they live 30 minutes away, I always take PJ's and toothbrushes with me and get them totally ready for bed before leaving their house. In case they fall a sleep but we were not so lucky last night....


  1. I love this look! So fun!

    Great pictures of family and friends too. :)

  2. You have a beautiful family! Love the blazer by the way.



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