Friday, June 14, 2013

A thrilling chase

 Today's combo was inspired by this photo from May 2013 of In Style but as you can see the inspiration has a lot more color and looking at the photos I look to pale in my combo... Oh well...

Denim Vest - Forever 21
Top - Victoria's Secret
Pants - J Crew
Sneakers - Rocket Dog
Necklace - From Turkey
Bracelets - Target

We had a pool party entertaining friends from out town with their 3 kids plus my friend and her 3 kids and added my nephew to the mix cause felt like we didn't have enough kids (just kidding).
It was fun though, the weather turned sunny and the pool was heated the kids had a blast.
After BBQ lunch and delivery pizza dinner and everyone left I got ready for my evening party which was hosting my book club to watch "Emma" after we finished Jane Austen's masterpiece.
There was a lot of talking and laughing and some movie watching...

Book Club movie viewing at night....

Today was our second summer playdate of the summer and the week. We met at a park strictly to persuade the kids to ride their bikes. Some of us have kids that are on 2 wheel bikes riding great but then some of us can't even get our kids on a bike (myself included in the latter group) So we decided every week this summer we'll meet at a different park and all of us will bring the kids bikes and have them ride it at least for a little while. Well today was the first time we tried and it worked like magic. Even the kids that would refuse were loving it and did multiple loops without encouragement. My daughter's bike feels a bit big for her ability so I had to hold her the entire time but got her to do two laps. Both kids fell at least once but were back up on their fit after some hugs and kisses.
The boys played heartily with their light sabers creating interesting games and the girls were playing some sort of dance/ballet class game. It was fun.

My son in the front with his light saber stuck in his pants!
 Big and small they are all on wheels!

 Ah the hair is finally growing just a little after her horrific self cut. I can't wait till the sides and the front grows out....

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  1. actually, I like your look better than the mag, subtle yet neon n denim colors done so well!! perfectly summer!!

    And pool party is so great in summers!!


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