Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fanuel Park

 I decided to wait until we were at our playdate to take photos but not sure what was going on with my hair....

The inspiration for this combo was from J Crew Catalog:

Silk Blouse - Victoria's Secret
Shorts & Chevron Belt - J Crew
Green Scarf- H&M
Necklace - LOFT

We have officially started our summer today! I was totally prepared and as planned started the kids on 'summer work' in the morning. My whole family (with the exception of myself) get up super early. So by the time I get up they have already had breakfast, watched TV for an hour and are in the process of getting dressed (OK, i put out their clothes the night before, you know kind of a control freak about what they wear). So after I get my breakfast they are kind of bored and it was perfect time to do some school work. I let my daughter pick a 'girly show' to watch on TV while I worked with my son first. Then he picked a show and I worked with my daughter. Her work is much shorter and much more basic anyway.
Then I made a big cooler of lunches and snacks for the day for everyone and prepared our beach bags and we were off to our first summer group playdate.
This is our second year of organizing a summer playdate group. I have so many great helpers that help me with researching info on locations we are meeting and postings on the calendar so it is not that hard and so much fun for us and the kids.

Today though my son was picked up by my brother to go to a Padres game and he had so much fun with them as well.

We ended the day with swim classes and dinner at home and I fit in some literally insane max cardio endurance Insanity DVD after they went to bed...

Oh, here are some summer tips our group came up with today:

1. Instead of using ice packs in your lunch coolers, freeze plastic water bottles halfway filled with drinking water. They will serve as ice packs and end of day will provide extra ice cold water

2. Write your kids name or last name with a sharpie on all your sand toys and inside kids hats. The toys get all mixed up and labels will make clean up easier.

3. Buy large baby powder bottles and keep one in your car and one in your beach bag. It works like magic getting sand off kids as you are ready to head home.


  1. i love the outfit...very cute!
    you are so organized, the way you plan your day! i need to take lessons from you, lol!!

    i have heard about baby powder, but never tried it!

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  2. OMG - those shorts are amazing!! Love them so much. Great legs too ;)

  3. Love the shorts and great tips!

  4. Great outfit ,great legs and love the necklace which I will borrow:) the group is adorable and the kids pictures are priceless. But as for the idea of freezing plastic bottles with water is great for using them as ice packs but please never ever drink or eat anything which got frozen with plastic!!! you are looking for serious health trouble. Plastic does not mix with heat or cold and never put it with food in the microwave!


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