Tuesday, June 25, 2013

U pick strawberries

 Today's basic short and top was inspired by this:

We went strawberry picking with the kids' outdoor class...

Blouse - La Redoute
Shorts - Anthropologie
Sandals - Boutique 9
Purse - Chloe
Necklace - H&M

Had a great day today. With our outdoor class we went strawberry picking. First time for all of us. It was fun and pretty simple. The strawberries tasted great and were easy to find and pick.


  1. Love your shorts and your hair! Kids look so cute. They are used to picking strawberries from my garden in the back and we had some today they are very sweet. Juliet picked the big red big-boy tomato from my tree and would not give us even one piece of it!

  2. No fair! You look stylish even doing ordinary things.

    I adore those shorts from Anthropologie. I keep raving to everyone about that store but they keep complaining the prices are too high. There's no price-limit on style!

  3. That outfit looks ver breezy and cool. I would have probably had strawberries on me :). Can you explain outdoor class, we don't have different types of schools as such.

  4. Love this, perfect for summer!

    Your kiddos are so cute!


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