Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This sleek yet fun combo was inspired by Bazaar's March 2012 issue!

 It was this tiny photo in a bigger page of their how to dress in all ages... I realize the inspiration I chose was from the 60s age range but the models in these segments are always young so whatever. :)
 The idea of wearing a popping floral top under a white jacket and black pants appealed to me...

After a relaxing facial (for only $25) at Aveeda's Institute in Portland. The student that gave me the facial had just turned 21 last week! Not sure who was giving more advice on how to keep your skin young her to me or I to her. :)

 The ring I acquired from the Rose Garden's gift shop earlier that day... Isn't it so adorable and it totally matched my outfit this night and the next day too!

White Blazer - Forever 21
Top - Versace (YES, really!)
Coated Jeans - Forever 21
Cluch - Asos
Heels - Nine West

While we were waiting for the trimet train after our hike at the washington park we were thinking how fun it would be if we all could get treatments done at the Aveeda instutitede. We thought it was a total fantasy as it was Saturday and the chances of booking 4 of us at the same time with couple hours notice was very slim. But amazingly they had room so we went back to the hotel and showered and changed but put no make-up on and went to the institute.  Which turned to be a 10 block walk btw.
The treatments were fun. Given that they were students we all had different experiences. But for the money we paid it was great... My friend got an extreme hair cut and it was super cool. For only $15 too!

We then started our brewery/pub crawl tasting the many famous brews of Portland and Oregon. I am not a beer drinker at all but wanted to taste the brews. My friend and I split the flights but even that was quite filling. We only visited 3 then had to take a break and went dancing instead... Very fun night.

And here are some photos that were on my compact camera from our first day at Portland in search of this food truck called the 'big ass sandwich'.....

What a nice area right??? Above scene of shuttered car window glass was spotted every few yards or so. Obviously not the best area to leave your car and probably not the best area for two girls to be walking...


  1. how fun. i used to work in a salon and we always were looking for "models" to practice on. great way to get a free cut...although you are taking your chances, lol! your friend really did cut off all her hair! looks great!


  2. Lovely outfit: very chic and put-together. The top amazes me. Also, I've never mentioned this before but since you raise the topic, you have great skin. I'm sure you could teach us a thing or two about that subject.


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