Monday, August 19, 2013

Tickle the ivories

 This was my outfit during the day on Saturday.

The inspiration came from In Style’s July 2013 issue:
 Who knew pairing destroyed and baggy Bermuda jean shorts with white dressy shirt, blazer and heels could look so cool….
I love getting unique ideas like this.

Blazer – Forever 21
Blouse – La Redoute
Denim Shorts – TJ Maxx
Stilettos -  Nine West (thrift store)
Earrings – Kate Lane for Target

The three of us started the morning with a stroll to the local farmer’s market/fair. It wasn’t much different than what we have in San Diego but I never get to enjoy such events in peace like this. I immediately noticed how relaxing it was to browse vendors without constantly shouting out warnings of ‘stay with me’, ‘don’t touch anything’, ‘hold on to my hand’, ‘fine we are going’…
Got a bit carried away and bought a bulky vintage piece for my mom not really thinking how I was going to travel back in the plane with it but oh well…

We then met up with our fourth friend, who religiously exercised every morning, at the hotel and first hit the award winning food pod block in search of some food…

 Then headed to the state park to view Portland’s famous rose gardens. We were too cheap to shell out the $9 admission fee for the Japanese garden so we only did the mini hike to its entrance then went to the rose gardens which was free…
Enjoyed both the beauty and the fragrance of the gorgeous roses with a touch of fear of the abundant number of bumblebees that were surrounding them.  After an adventurous hike and train ride back to our hotel we showered and changed…

Night activities will be in a separate post….


  1. hey u styled in much better...more chic and classy!!


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