Friday, September 27, 2013

Class Act

Today's inspiration was from Bee (Atlantic Pacific) from last year I believe:

 This was a perfect time to finally wear this combo cause I wore the gingham shirt yesterday so got one more use out of it before laundry and ironing. 
I also figured out a better way to utilize my digital outfit inspirations. I flag a handful I might want to wear that week and print 2X3 mini prints of them all on one page so I can remember when I am in the bedroom without the laptop. Has been working. At least getting the last of spring/summer inspirations before fall comes. Which will be much later in San Diego I am sure. 

 Jacket, shoes - Forever 21
Blouse - Ralph Lauren
Dress - chicwish webstie
Bracelets - Bauble Bar and Cookie Lee

Pre-school with my daughter then went to the indoor play area for job search and picked up my son and when my husband got home we took the kids Chuck'E'Cheese per kids request for weeks now. They were so high on the games and winning tickets and request tokens like crazy. Similar to gambling addicts in Vegas. But they were cute. We met up with friends there so they were all running around together...

Another big thing today is my daughter got to take home 'Wrinkles' from Preschool. This is outside of the school building...


  1. Thats a great way to wear floral sun dresses in gave me a great inspiration!!!

  2. Your fashion choices are so careful, so studied. I admire your commitment to this art-form.

  3. the pink and green look nice together. i like to pair my gingham with my surplus jackets as well!


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