Saturday, September 28, 2013

say we're only dreaming

Tonight's inspiration was from the 'Late Afternoon' blog:
 This was one of those combo's that didn't come together as cool as I thought it would. The sweater should be more fitted the shorts more fluid and the socks and shoes I felt were not the best but it was good enough as I hate changing....

Sweater, Shorts, Socks & Clutch - Forever 21
Blouse - Bebe
Shoes - Blowfish
Necklace - Cookie Lee

In the morning my mom and stepdad came to take my daughter to her soccer match while my son and I went with my husband to his tennis match. My dad and aunt came there to watch too. Unfortunately he lost but it was great to watch. And the best part is after the game my parents took the kids and we had the whole day to ourselves. Went out to lunch then took a long nap and went out to dinner and a movie.
It was so relaxing....


  1. That sweater is a great color!

  2. You both look really cool ,him in embroidered black shirt and you in mint color and great to see you bot happy and relaxing together.
    We loved having the kids to ourselves and was not targeting for relaxing anyway so it worked out! Your clutch is so cool I may borrow sometime:)

  3. sounds like a nice day, just the two of you. maybe the outfit didn't turn out how you thought, but i still like it. the minty green is pretty with the khaki.

  4. Oh I like Late Afternoon too! Your hair is looking great today. Fun to recreate this cute outfit. Such a pretty color of this sweater plus you and your husband are adorable!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Daphne, I love your hair color. It seems to fit your coloring very well. Love the oufit and sweater with holes. Nice picture with hubby too


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